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    • Hoy es el gran momento: Se está lanzando la Actualización de Mutación Shiva. Con un evento para principiantes, es perfecto tanto para jugadores de alto nivel como para nuevos jugadores! ¿Por qué deberías empezar con nosotros? 8 meses en línea El servidor old-school más grande Concepto único Sistema anti-trampas eficiente Equipo activo Sin Pay2Win ¡No esperes más, comienza tu viaje en Shiva hoy!   Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.
    • atch:3.6.09 New: Added Streamer Mode on Game Options. Added URL on Chat (Available for Twich and Youtube). Fixed: Fixed a bug when you drag a switch bonus / add over a item. Fixed bug with horse not loading map/moobs. Fixed level 12 horse mission. Fixed Attack Speed Changes: Element Power Stone now can go to Store Room. Element Defense Stone now can go to Store Room. Power Lolly now can go to Store Room. Initial Hairstyles no longer go to storage. The time of the experience rings has been corrected, now all the rings that had 1 hour now have 30 minutes. Arachnids Key is now available on Spider Baroness. Shrunken Head is now available on Azrael's Chest. Enchant Item(M) now only Switch level 3, 4 and 5 level. Enchant Item(L) now only Switch level 4 and 5 level. The HP of all Worldboss has been reduced.   Patch:3.6.10 New: Added direct teleport to the Demon Tower on the Transport Ring. Added Battle Pass(June) to the item-shop. Added Slidding animation on showing UI windows. Added 10h Exp Ring & 10h Thief Glove to the Alchemy Store. Fixed: Fixed the price of the Armed Horse Book (Mission). Mission book: Kill Snake Swordsman is now fixed. Mission book: Kill Desert Outlaw is now fixed. Fixed Horse Missions: Now you have 100% chance of success. Fixed bug where some characters would crash in Spider Dungeon 3. Minidall (7d) is now fixed. Gameplay Changes: Added Thief Glove to 45+ Metin Stones. Slighty Increased Finger Bones drop %. Spirit Stone Scroll is now available on General Store. Aura Ice Rune is now tradable. The item drop of the Tu-Young metin stones has been reduced. The item drop of the Jeon-Un metin stones has been reduced. Now you can make 5 times the mission " Power of the Dragon Eye". Ghost Tree Lord cooldown changed to 1h. Added Blessing Scroll to metin stones of level 50+ to 90. Some lower chests have been upgraded: Gold Treasure Chest Gold Treasure Chest + Silver Treasure Chest Silver Treasure Chest + All metin stones from Neutral Maps have now 3 minutes cooldown. All Thief Gloves have been removed from chest. All Exp Ring have been removed from chest. If the 30 minute Rings are removed after being equipped, the item will be destroyed. If the 30 minute Thief Gloves are removed after being equipped, the item will be destroyed. All Boss Scrools have been removed from the respective Boss. They are now available on the rescpive Chests. 10h Exp ring can now be used on inventory. Experience rates have been changed to 125%. Yang drop rates have been changed to 126%.     Patch:3.6.11 New Added Yang, gaya & won's refresh animated. Gameplay Changes Adjusted some drop chances. Server is Back Online, following the patch notes: Fixed: Fixed Worlboss Notice. Fixed Worldboss Position on chat. Fixed the stack being removed when using a Horse Riding Manual. The Notice after kill Spider Baroness now works only in dungeon and not for all server. Fixed issue with dropping 2 x whistle on Spider Dungeon. Gameplay Changes: Ghost Tree Lord respawn is now 2h. Giant Ghost Tree respawn is now 2h. Dark Giant Tortoise respawn is now 2h. Mighty Ice Witch respawn is now 2h. Adjusted some drop %. Added the respective entrance passage in the dungeon chests. Weapon skin bonuses changed: 5 strenght agains Metin Stone. 5 strong against boss. Head skin bonuses have been changed: 10 strength agains monsters. Removed Limit Buy on Batlepass item (Itemshop).  
    • Demonz2  🔱 Servidor 70% PvP / 30% PvM. 🔱  🔱 Fecha Apertura: 13/05/2023. 🔱  🔱 Nivel inicial 1, max 105. 🔱  🔱Nuevas Citys JUNGLA Y DESIERTO🔱  🔱 Piedras +4 en tienda Crafeables en +5. 🔱  🔱 Itemshop ingame. 🔱  🔱 Exp, yang y drop al 200%. 🔱  🔱 Tipo OLD School. 🔱  🔱 No Lycan. 🔱  🔱 No Alquimia. 🔱  🔱 No Biologo. 🔱 ------------------------------------------ Redes Sociales Sitio Web: https://demonz2.site/ Discord: https://discord.gg/p8MRejpg3C Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Demonz2.Mt/ ------------------------------------  🔰 Sistemas 🔰  🔱 Sistema Ocultar atuendos. 🔱  🔱 Innovadoras Presentaciones en Armas, Armaduras, Accesorios y mas...🔱  🔱 Nuevo sistema de autodopador (mucho mas veloz) 5 Slots. 🔱  🔱 Sistema de Titulos PVP y PVM 🔱  🔱 Nuevo sistema de cambio de ch. 🔱  🔱 Sistema De Tabla de bonus.🔱  🔱 Sistema De Vista previa del drop en los mobs. 🔱  🔱 Sistema De Vista previa del drop de cofres. 🔱  🔱 Tienda offline. 🔱  🔱 Visor HP de tu oponente. 🔱  🔱 Visualizador 3D. 🔱  🔱 Staff en amigos. 🔱  🔱 Pickup.🔱  -------------------------------------  🔰 Mazmorras Y Mapas .🔰  🔱Mapas De Leveo 30 , 50 , 70 y 90 🔱 🔱 Nuevos Jefes en Mapas de Leveo 🔱 🔱Torre Demonios. 🔱  🔱 Catacumbas. 🔱 🔱 Nemere. 🔱 🔱 Infierno. 🔱 🔱 Bosque Celestial.🔱 🔱 Laberinto Orco.🔱 🔱Beran Setau. 🔱 ------------------------------------- 🔰 Eventos. 🔰   🔱 OX. 🔱  🔱 Guerras de gremio. 🔱  🔱 Totalwar. 🔱  🔱 Busqueda STAFF. 🔱  🔱 Jefes. 🔱  🔱 Evento de pesca. 🔱  🔱 Mesa Pide. 🔱  🔱 Pvp parejas. 🔱  🔱 Evento Budokan. 🔱  🔱 Atrapa al Hack . 🔱
    • Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.   Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.
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