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There's a lot of people in here that don't know what happened to some servers, well, there's tons and tons of servers that were closed by GameForge.
Naturally,  nobody is doing nothing, but we are going to take action NOW.
Join to our discord and let's strike GameForge down!

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Que se supone que quieres hacer, demandar a gameforce por cerrar servidores privados que no cuentan con la licencia?, Esa es la razón por la que nadie hace nada, a nivel legal tienes todas las de perder.

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del archivo adjunto en esta publicación.

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As the other guys said, It's like what is happening with WoW servers. To be honest, our activity doing p-servers is just ilegal so we cant do nothing. Anyways, gameforge is just bullshit so, we have to wait they go to hell and see if webzen want to stop updating Metin2 and we could make pservers without claims.


Good luck.

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