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  1. [Hidden Content] HOLA! This is mine! Report
  2. HI! Separate model and texture:) [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  3. Hi. How I can import models with Tera Online, Aion, Archeage, Lineage II etc.?
  4. Hi My new big blue bow:) Screen: Download [Hidden Content] Scan [Hidden Content]
  5. Hi. I have server on source and I have a problem with bonuses in item. Item_attr[db] Screens items in game after mixed bonuses: Item Attribute.cpp
  6. I have problem. When I click on mineral and nothing happen. Syserr: SYSERR: May 21 23:43:30 :: Click: CQuestManager::Click(pid=58853, target_npc_name=Żyła Heliodoru) - NOT EXIST NPC RACE VNUM[30306]
  7. Hi. I need your help. I have this code in InstanceBaseEffect.cpp: else if (IsStone()) { return NAMECOLOR_STONE; } I would like gain effect : else if (IsStone()) { if (IsStone() >= 30) { return NAMECOLOR_MOB; } else { return NAMECOLOR_STONE; } But, I don't know what is function responsible for it. PLS :X
  8. Archivo InstanceBase.h Screen ded ;xx Pls reup
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