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quest que saca la ultima piedra o cualquier piedra


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Aquí Tienes la que te dejo Rafa, pero traduccida y modificada un poquito al español 100% 



quest extractor_de_piedras begin	state start begin		function getItemVnum()			return 71109 ----- Item a usar xD		end				when 9003.take begin			say_title(mob_name(npc.get_race()))			if pc.count_item(extractor_piedras.getItemVnum()) == 0 then				say("Para poder sacar la ultima piedra de tu item")				say("Deveras poseer este objeto:[ENTER]")				say_item_vnum(extractor_piedras.getItemVnum())				return			end			if not extractor_piedras.IsValidItem(item.get_type(), item.get_sub_type()) then				say("Esta trancicion solo funciona con armas y armaduras.[ENTER]")				return			end					local last_stone = {['vnum'] = nil, ['slotID'] = nil}			local i = 2			local found = false			while i >= 0 and not found do				local sckt_state = item.get_socket(i)				if extractor_piedras.IsValidSocket(sckt_state) then					last_stone.vnum = sckt_state					last_stone.slotID = i					found = true				end				i = i-1			end			if last_stone.vnum == nil then				say("Hay Piedras para eliminarse.[ENTER]")				return			end			say("Si sacamos la ultima piedra")			say("la piedra sacada le quedara en su inventario")			say("no se preocupe.[ENTER]")			say_reward("Ultima Piedra: "..item_name(last_stone.vnum).." [ENTER]")			local s = select("Continuar", "Cancelar")			if s == 2 then				return			end			pc.remove_item(extractor_piedras.getItemVnum(), 1)			pc.give_item2(last_stone.vnum, 1)			item.set_socket(last_stone.slotID, 28960)			say_title(mob_name(npc.get_race()))			say("Operacion completada.[ENTER]")			end				function IsValidItem(it_type, it_subtype)			return ((it_type == 1 and it_subtype < 6) or (it_type == 2 and it_subtype == 0))		end				function IsValidSocket(sckt_value)			return (sckt_value != 0 and sckt_value != 1 and sckt_value != 28960)		end	endend 



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