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  1. 1000€???????????????? How much crack did you smoke this morning?
  2. Im sorry but this is the most rubish thing i have ever heard... Keep in mind you are working with Metin2... Metin2 is stolen work... This is a metin2 forum filled with stolen work from Metin2... You can't tell him to try to make your own content when you are using stolen content too...
  3. Hi everyone! This PSD was released a few months ago but all the download links are off. Does anyone have it that he could share with me?
  4. No soy español pero lo entendo. Why use 34K? I appreciate the effort but quite useless. Should have done it for 40K. But thanks anyway
  5. If you don't understand a thing about antivirus don't make a post about it. Saying and recomending 360 total security to anyone is just plain stupid... 360 Total security has an average of finding virus at 75.3% where the normal antivirus are around 98.5%. 360 Total security is just trash... why would you even say its the best? Just check and compared the stats of it with others wtf...
  6. This company is currently under investigation over allegedly been using user emails for "password spray" and campaigns. I do not advice anyone to use this company. Nothing is free in criptocoins remember that.
  7. It is easy to decrypt those client that you mention at least WOW, Tera, Blade and Soul, Desert Online etc... most of them you can find already unpacked online
  8. SatoExchange it is not a trusted website or a trusted company. And it is tagged as a scam. I do not advise to continue to use this website as you will find out in the future that they aren't actually offering 150 dollars. Besides that coin isn't even listed in the trade stocks and it is valued as 0 dollars.
  9. Hi everyone! Hola Muchachos! Yo Hablo un poco de Español pero no soy lo mejor. First of all i have used this avatar for a really long time in other forums, communities etc... It is just a GAG but if you find it offensive and it goes agaisnt the forum rules please inform me and i shall change it! My name is Rodrigo i will be 20 years old tomorrow. I love coding currently in my second year of Computer Engineering! Not my first time signing up on this forum but i lost my account. Greeting to you all!
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