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  1. No, this is not an opinion and the facts, the owner of this server is called Mateusz S. (Flourine) who robbed and cheated many people
  2. Ascyra = Angel2 1:1 This is nothing but the Angel2 server there is nothing new so I will not play
  3. Here, no one will help you and this client is hard to unpack, I did not give advice
  4. No offence but I did not offend you just stated a fact as the fame hit your head and you changed, you used to help everyone you were different.
  5. El autor del tema necesita ayuda para descomprimir el cliente esgaroth.pl
  6. Do not moralize someone if you are not better yourself Shang was good but became popular and his behavior changed, now it does not help anyone criticizes anyone btw. On the other hand, I know that pro shang alone will not be able to unpack it And soon the discussion will start, I do not have to prove anything to anyone
  7. Very beautiful work, I would love to play on a server in such armor. Are they somewhere? I will play gladly
  8. These armor are terrible looking like a 2012 armor. Maybe present something more. and maybe take an example from such a creator as Dane he exprotes beautiful things
  9. He tries to advertise a dead server with 10 players Angel2 rip 11.10.2k17
  10. You can not see anything on this presentation
  11. Part of the code is missing [Hidden Content] Can anyone share the full version?
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