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  1. 70e Here the new update The time has come. The update 1.3.3 is ready. Here are the most important updates: - Projection System - Gaya Shop Tooltip fixed - Guild change time removed ( With define ) - Alchemy output fixed - Zodiac weapons now have DSS and FKS - New teleportation ring at start EQ - new function for the improvement window - fixed the tooltip of the earrings, necklaces and bracelets - Friend list has been fixed - The Shining of the Waffenkosümen was fixed - Mailbox NPC was placed on all rich - Mailbox is now compatible with the projection system - Pet System now has the effect of activating - many small performance updates for the client Please contact me for updates and I will send them to you. Please also contact me about the GIT account so you can see what has been changed With kind regards
  2. Update Talisman offical like and some changes with 1 week sale
  3. Up Next week's i will add more images ingame
  4. Hello guys, I have worked on my web site and its now online [Hidden Content] Next time I will update my thread design with all new content from my files Have a great day
  5. #bump Next week more informations for next update
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