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  1. Because he's a frustrated man who doesn't have players on the server. =))))))))) Also, link to ads to earn 0.0000001$. It's hard to host a 5 euro server only from pocket money from parents.
  2. Metin2 Community guys. You can help someone with anything... finally, they all remain some ungrateful jerks.
  3. Functions: Item Shop is sold in 2 versions: Item Shop V3.1 (80 Euro) Item Shop V3.2 (150 Euro) Price : 80 euro for v3.1 and 150 euro for v3.2 Contact: Skype: ionutpopescu10 Discord: Ionuț#9065 Facebook: [Hidden Content] Contact page: [Hidden Content] Images:
  4. I always use a database of 150k accounts in tests. It loads in no more than one second. I can prove it to you. Stop using weaker hosts.
  5. Just set in account->account web_admin 9
  6. #Update Independent version of Metin2CMS - Paypal automatic payments have been added.
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