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  1. Functions: Item Shop is sold in 2 versions: Item Shop V3.1 (80 Euro) Item Shop V3.2 (150 Euro) Price : 80 euro for v3.1 and 150 euro for v3.2 Contact: Skype: ionutpopescu10 Discord: Ionuț#9065 Facebook: [Hidden Content] Contact page: [Hidden Content] Images:
  2. I always use a database of 150k accounts in tests. It loads in no more than one second. I can prove it to you. Stop using weaker hosts.
  3. Just set in account->account web_admin 9
  4. #Update Independent version of Metin2CMS - Paypal automatic payments have been added.
  5. UP: New available in 8 languages:
  6. Hello friends, I will show you my new item shop. Functions: Multi-language: EN, RO, FR, IT, PT, TR, DE, ES Category Management Items Management Add objects with time (both unique items and costume) Add items for a short time (promotion) Reducing a price for a certain amount of time Add bonus items (the player chooses the desired bonuses) Add items with specific bonuses Add items with stones Images: Video: Price: 10 EURO - The compatible version with Metin2CMS 15 EURO - The independent version of Metin2CMS. Site presentation: [Hidden Content] Contact me: Skype: ionutpopescu10 Facebook: [Hidden Content] Pagina de contact: [Hidden Content]
  7. not exists "offline mode". That "mode" appears when it's a problem with mysql connection...
  8. #UPDATE - Simple tutorial - How to install Metin2CMS
  9. #Changelog donation with code donation paypal debug char in administration -> functions language management Added player management, fixed some problems with vote4coins, added functions for modules and themes, added statistics.
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