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  1. thx Can you get the *_carnival3_2016.dds and the *_carnival4_2016.dds files?
  2. loooooooooooooooool you can get these textures from metin2_patch_dawnmist_dungeon_mob/ymir work..../ [Hidden Content] (if you need the icons you should unpack it from the official patched metin2 (beta) client's icon eix and epk...) [Hidden Content] + the beta property(s) for the two new maps [Hidden Content]
  3. [Hidden Content](new maps+objects) [Hidden Content](new textures and etc) [Hidden Content](halloween costume+pets+npcs+monsters+masks)
  4. weapons [Hidden Content] costumes [Hidden Content] if it's already public just delete my topic.
  5. please delete this topic if you can't give the correct link... :-o
  6. looks like this? [Hidden Content]
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