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WorldEditor ReMIX


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This WE is a version compiled directly by me which includes infinite fixes and features.
It's certain that you won't longer use the worldeditor_en!

To make it simple, I wrote all the details about this feature and the common WE inside the relative config file: (called WorldEditorRemix.ini)

; Info:
; -) 100% translated
; -) granny2.11
; -) F6 as Insert alternative
; -) many default features not present inside the worldeditor_en (probably, that binary was taken out from an SVN long time ago and resource hacked) such as Ins for all regions and skyboxes
; -) WASD UPLEFTDOWNRIGHT to move around (+asynchronous diagonally movements)
; -) UP-LEFT-DOWN-RIGHT to move around*10 (+asynchronous diagonally movements)
; -) config file for few things
; Output options by default
; few others such as default WASD movement
; whether or not Insert should let you go where you were before the press
; no MAI dump when saving atlas
; whether or not DevIL should compress and remove alpha from minimap.dds
; whether or not loading .mdatr building heights
; default textureset when creating maps
; overlapped tabs
; other stuff
; -) several bugfixes
; default title app name
; attempting to write to an empty textureset name when creating new maps
; ViewRadius doubled every load&save
; shadowmap.dds creation
; assert when saving atlas
; crash when adjusting height
; many buffer under/overflows
; *.mdc collision data saving (for game_test)
; not checking output options when loading maps
; water brush waterid bug (the id was increased until 256 each time the function was called; now it's based on the water height just like it should be)
; init texture map reload map crash and last 2px always blank
; square shape even for up/down height brushes
; add textureset texture button (+multiselection)
; remove textureset texture feature (just selecting a texture from the list and pressing DELETE)
; creation of empty textureset with index -1 (changed to 0)
; change baseposition button
; misspelled stuff
; skybox bottom image (nb: you also need a fixed launcher for this)
; removed boring CTRL requirement (to move the camera) when editing daylight/attr
; fixed refresh texture imagebox onKey pressing the down/up keys (like when onClicking them)
; fixed TextureSet file creation if not existing
; fixed new wolfman motion event handling
; fixed crash when editing animation attack bones and 00010.gr2 was missing
; fixed locale/ymir/mob_proto load (it autodetects the most common structures) and <map>/regen.txt load/save
; fixed ./group.txt load
; fixed load/save/edit <map>/regen.txt (very nice for "m" regens, untested for "g")
; load from PACK is available if pack/property is present! Be sure pack/Index exists!
; fixed multi-object selection crash
; fixed crash when previewing a missing texture
; fixed not clearing of old environment (e.g. skybox) when switching maps
; fixed not creating property folders in root tree (object tab)
; fixed object attachment in Model Tab
; fixed newly particles names in Effect Tab
; fixed crash when saving a .mse script with no mesh model
; fixed crash when inserting a lower gradient
; -) created new TextureSet field when creating new maps
; -) created new Change/Delete Texture buttons when double-clicking a texture
; -) created Background Music playback and Shadow Recalculate buttons
; -) created water height "set 0z", "+1z", "-1z" buttons
; -) server_attr generator
; -) every crash will generate a logs/WorldEditorRemix_{target}_{date}.dmp file useful for debugging
; -) implemented a "water path" mapsettings option (the launcher requires additional code)
; -) implemented a "wind strength" msenv option (the launcher requires additional code)
; -) the "encrypt data" feature does nothing (unimplemented)
; Note:
; 0) there are no regressions in this version! a bug here means it'd also be present in older WE versions too!
; 1) the shadow output option is tricky: when UpdateUI is called, shadows are hidden although the check is pressed (i implemented the shadow recalculate function for that) 

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 since v11
; 2) the bgm player requires /miles and the fadein/out doesn't work until you load the map
; 3) the adjusting height button works only if mdatr height is detected
; 4) the Debug version is laggy when working on maps such as n_flame_dungeon and n_ice_dungeon (by default, because SphereRadius are intensively checked in SphereLib\spherepack.h)
; 5) if you load a map, the script panels (where you load .msa et similia) will have the camera perspective a little fucked up (0z instead of -32767z or 0x 0y -163,94z)
; 6) few tree objects are not movable and/or highlightable after placed on the ground and their selection is invisible (you can still delete 'em)
; trick: draw a square selecting a normal building and 'em, then move the building and you'll see all of 'em will be moved!
; 7) the server_attr generator will clean all the unused flags! attr[idx]&=~0xFFFFFFF8;
; 😎 you can read files from pack/Index 'n stuff but be aware that Property will not be considered! 
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 since v15
; 9) the MonsterAreaInfo features are laggy and buggy as fuck
; 10) even though you can select many textures at once (using ctrl+click on textureset list; for brushing or initializing a base texture), you can't delete more than one at the same time
; 11) the .mdatr height is tricky; if you move a building, the height will not be refreshed until you put a new building or whatever you want to trigger the update event
; 12) by default, the worldeditor tries to render only the first 8 terrain textures of a 32x32px region (nb: a 1x1 map is a 256x256 px region)
; 13) the minimap rendering cannot catch the buildings/trees inside the first 2x2 regions due a ymir cache fault and you need to set the camera to "see" them
; 14) when the textureset, environment, etc load fails, the old filename still remains loaded
; 15) the attr flag "3" (three) has no implementation, so don't use it!
; 16) load from PACK doesn't load texturesets from files for first (if they are already in pack/), and the object placer's object list will remain empty because it takes the list from property/ (and not from pack/property)
; 17) to save the regen.txt you press CTRL+S
; 18) if you enable the wireframe (f4) when on Attr Tab, you see the terrain all white
; 19) the water brush disappears when the camera renders the waterwheel small/big effect
; 20) the monster area info goes under ground if you're outside the relative sectree
; 21) the full skybox may be displayed only after the top picture has been added (if the other textures have already been inserted)
; 22) the slider in the Attr Tab is something like "16 photoshop layers" in which you can split your attrs; not so helpful and quite confusing sometimes
; 23) the fixed model - object attachment attaches static objects (hairs'skeleton will not mirror the playing animation)
; 24) in environment tab, if you insert lower gradients, you may end up with an out of range crash 
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 since v30
; 25) brushes working out-of-screen/map-range may affect random terrain places
; A) look at more than 8 textures for region -> DONE
; B) create a shortcut to fix the #5 note -> DONE
; C) disable the radius <= GetRadius()+0.0001f check to fix the #4 note -> REJECTED
; the worldeditor_en calls this assert and, if ignored, the lag ceases to exist (this will not occur in source version)
; at least, if the release version is not a problem for you, use that in those few cases when .mse are abused and try to kill the debug one
; D) translation in more languages other than english -> REJECTED
; english should be enough!
; E) alternative path for d: -> REJECTED
; you can mount d as a subpath of c like this:
; subst d: "c:\mt2stuff"
; F) need to fix note #19 #25 -> TODO

; # ESC(ape) Clean cursor
; # Canc(el|Delete) Delete stuff such as selected buildings
; # Ctrl+S Save map
; # Ins(ert) or F6 Save shadowmap|minimap.dds
; # F3 BoundGrid Show/Hide
; # F4 Render UI Show/Hide
; # F11 WireFrame Show/Hide
; # R Reload Texture
; # Z and X Decrease/Increase Texture Splat by 0.1
; # CapsLock Show GaussianCubic effect if shadows are displayed
; # L-Shift+1-6 Show TextureCountThreshold flags (&2-7) as colors on the ground
; # L-Shift+8 Set Max Showable texture to 8 (de-fix note 12)
; # L-Shift+0 Set Max Showable texture to 255 (fix note 12)
; # H Refresh MDATR Heights (useful when you move an object) (fix note 11)
; # Y Set Perspective as default (fix note 5)
; # T Set the Camera to catch all the object on the screen (w/a note 13) then you'll be ready to press Insert/F6

; # MouseWheel+1 move cursor x rotation
; # MouseWheel+2 move cursor y rotation
; # MouseWheel+3 move cursor z rotation
; # MouseWheel+4 move cursor height base (1x)
; # MouseWheel+5 move cursor height base (0.5x)
; # MouseWheel+6 move cursor height base (0.05x)
; # MouseWheel+7 move cursor ambience scale (1x)

; # MouseWheel+Q move selected object height base (1x)
; # MouseWheel+9 move selected object x position (1x) (+asyncronous)
; # MouseWheel+0 move selected object y position (1x) (+asyncronous)
; # MW+RSHIFT+9|0 as above but *10x (+asyncronous)
; # MW+RCONTROL+9|0 as above but *100x (+asyncronous)

; # MouseLeft Insert Objects
; # MouseRight Move camera (it could require CTRL too)

; # SPACE Start move/selected animation in Object/Effect/Fly CB
; # ESC Stop animation in Effect/Fly CB



; #100 = 1px (minimal px movement when pressing WASD)

; came back from where you were before pressing Insert/F6

; disable MAI dumps when saving atlas and/or pressing Insert/F6

; disable minimap.dds alpha saving and enable compression

; enable .mdatr height collision loading when moving on buildings or adjusting terrain

; disable fog when loading maps

; refresh all checkbox configurations when loading maps 'n stuff

; set a default mapname prefix when creating new maps ("" to disable)
NEW_MAP_MAPNAME_PREFIX = "metin2_map_"

; display a default textureset when creating new maps ("" to disable)
; note: it loads the filepath if exists, otherwise it will create an empty textureset file
NEWMAP_TEXTURESETLOADPATH = "textureset\metin2_a1.txt"

; create a default textureset as "textureset/{mapname}.txt"
; note: this option is not considered if NEWMAP_TEXTURESETLOADPATH is not empty. [before v24]
; note: this option is not considered if the TextureSet path input is not empty when creating a new map [since v24]

; remove the weird attr flags from the generated server_attr

; show diffuse lighting to object

; path of mob_proto used for regen
MOB_PROTO_PATH = "locale/ymir/mob_proto"

; select monster area info checkbox at startup

; brush cursor / object selection color RGB float between 0.0 to 1.0 (default: green -> 0 1 0)


picture (1).png
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Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.
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