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[PAID SERVICE] Ikarus Developer - New Systems


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In this discussion you can find information about my works and direct links to videos about them.

For all products there is a warranty for any bugs or problems found.

Installations* are always included in the price.

*Installation always takes place through the use of automatic programs (very short times).


SKYPE :   live:ikarus.developer



Fifth Status System v1. 0


This system is a new status that increases the ability to customize the character.

RES status for each point increases:
+2 hardness*
+16 max hp


*hardness is a new bonus type wich gives: 10 hardness point ->  1% damage rate  , 0.5%  damage resistence.

This new status can also be increased with status points and reset with the status reset.

During the installation I will think about any adjustments necessary for your other needs.



Price : 60€ (installation included)








New Special Items Boost System v1.0



These are special items with a very strong boost effect but with a very short duration (30 seconds).
They are to be used in emergency situations during a brawl or war between guilds/empire.

The system has 3 types of boost.

- full speed boost
- full attack boost
- full defense boost


With the first one it is possible to reach attack speed and movement speed unattainable otherwise.

the full attack boost increases damage caused by 30% and casting speed by 40%.

the full defense boost reduce damage received by 30% and  increase possibility of blocking the bodily attack by 20%.




Price : 30€ (installation included)






Info Board System (Character Inspector ) v1.0


This system is similar to the classic view equip system , but compared to them is much more advanced and well managed.
The code is clean so that you don't saturate the CPUs with endless loops, updates only happen when something really changes (if life points change  , or the player is wearing an item , or if it activates an effect or  a buff ).
The Launcher has a cache in which it keeps the information, in fact the information exchanges are only those necessary to the update without unnecessary sending of information already received. The system is really light on the game.




Price : 60€ (installation included)












Specialty System v.10

This system increase the customization of the characters.If you are tired of seeing race characters all with the same characteristics you need to take a look at this new system.

There are 24 specialties of which 18 are always active and 6 can be activated for a limited time. Every specialties will give you a different bonus and you can choice the specialties you want increase to customize your character. When a specialty reach level P (or over) become activable the linked specialties with it.

There are 15 specialties which will give new bonuses, which you can't get without increasing the specialty.


List of bonuses:

New bonus are marked as orange text

- Attack bonus vs Monster
- Monster Resistence
- DEX +x,x% (percentage increasing)
- STR +x,x% (percentage increasing)
- QI +x,x% (percentage increasing)
- CON +x,x% (percentage increasing)
- Reflect entirely damage 

- Critical hits
- Absorb damage
- Penetrate hits
- Max Hp +x,x% (percentage increasing)
- Hit Resistence
- Skill damage
- Impenetrable Defense
- chance to break defense
- skill resistence
- hit damage
- Magical damage
- physical damage resistence

- casting speed
- chance to remove good affect
- physical damage
- magical resistence


New bonus descriptions:

Monster Resistence
This is commonly added in many projects, but does not exist in the basic files, but in the system it is included so you will not have to add it.


DEX % / STR %  / QI %  / CON %

These bonuses are similar to the common status bonuses, but they add a percentage status amount.




Reflect Entirely Damage

This bonus give some chance to reflect entirely the damage caused by a HIT.

It looks with a graphic effect.


Absorb damage

This bonus give some chance to absorb entirely the damage caused by a HIT.

It looks with a graphic effect.

You can read the amount of life recovered as green text near your head (like red damage text)




Max Hp +%

This bonus is similar to the common Max HP bonus, but it add a percentage of max hp amount.



Impenetrable Defense

This bonus is like the opposite of the critical hit, it will halve the damage you should receive.




Chance to break defense

This bonus give some chance to break the defense of the opponent.

When the opponent's defense is broken his defense will be halved, and a graphic effect will be seen (as happens for the slowdown).


Magical damage/Physical damage resistence/Physical damage/Magical resistence

We distract between physical damage and magical damage.
Physical damage is the type of damage that hit the enemy, and this includes the hits with weapon and physical skills.

The magical damage is every damage which doesn't hit the enemy (every magical skills).


Chance to remove good affect

This bonus give some chance to remove the good affect (skill effects, potions etc) like done with White Sura skill "cancel the magic". You can use percentage under 1% (eg. 0,1%) in specialty proto to avoid over power of this specialty.



Here a video with all graphics effects, and a lot of informations.:



Price: 120€










New Ikarus's Offline-Shop v1.0


Main features of the system:


1. Way to make a shop every where

2. Way to buy from shops every where

3. Way to edit your shop every where

4. Unlimited items for sale in the shop

5. Search shop filtering saveable, searches cronology, name suggestion when entering the name of an item

6. Way to take a look to the list of sold item (only the owner of the shop)


7. Auction offline (that who opens the auction can logout, and who made offerts can logout, the auction is automatically works)

8. Shop Safebox with unlimited items and unlimited yang/cheque


9. Way to make private offerts for an item in a offline shop (the owner of the shop can look the offert and he can accept it , every thing automatically)


10. You can ENABLE/DISABLE the Physical shop in cities by define

11. The Physical shops are different entity type relative the common shops, this new entity is really light (lag reduced) and it don't use collision.

12. The Physical shop POSITION is always calculate by the system (so you don't have to be in town to make the shop)

13. The Physical shop configuration give you way to choice the maps where the system should create the physical shop (so there are more one physical shop for same offlineshop in differents map- for example red/blue/yellow empire and the common town )




from 27/08/2019 to 02/09/2019 -> 150€

otherwise 200€





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