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  1. * Fixed flags in chat * Corrected NPC names in Enchanted Forest * More mobs in Enchanted Forest * Duratus Dungeon fixed * Damage in grotto 1 and grotto 2 reduced * Desert turtel drops independently of the level Duratus magic stone * Nemeres Watchtower now only requires Lv.100 & a group as prerequisite * Runestone in Devils Catacomb is now at the beginning of the floor * Added text when combining (Khal Drogo) * Drops adjusted in Red Forest * Enchanted Forest has been adjusted * Upprates increased * Skill duration increased to 5 minutes * Manni's movementspeed is reduced * Ghoststones can be sold by NPC * Azrael Drop overworked * Kud Statue in Devils Catacomb is now at the beginning * Drops added at Aku-Boku, Arboretum, Skeletos & Sycomor * Pearls, Energy Fragment & Ores land directly in Extended Inventory Today at 21:00 Cest our Worldboss Drogon will spawn!
  2. Update 11.09. (English) * Fixed Rarity System for Lycan weapons * Many Interface improvements (Captcha Window, Extended Inventory..) * Ghoststones are stackable * Implemented PickUp filter (Thanks to Sanii) * Removed Mobs from 6. Floor in Demon Tower * Reworked damage from many Mobs in Dungeons * Ghost Forest have more Metinstones * Increased Upprates * Lowered Drop: Exp Rings & Red ghost tree branch Update 10.09. (English) * During emotions the weapon is no longer hidden * SD2 & SD3 + 50% more Exp * Fireland Yangdrop increased * Death Reaper revised * Water removed, Dews crafting simplified * Dews own only 2 possible levels. Less are completely eliminated * Droprates of the emotionbag lowered * Monkey Lord Chest reworked -> No monkeys spawn from the chest * Red Forest revised: more Exp, Metin stones completely overworked, more Yang * Droprates of Red ghost tree branch lowered Live-Update 09.09. (English) * Spider Dungeon 3 - Info for entry added * Crescent Moon Ring is now tradable * new Arachnids Key are now stackable * Dragon Scroll are now stackable * Ape Lord: reduced > MaxHP, HP regeneration, HP cycle * Death Reaper damage reduced * Reborn Chief Ork damage reduced * Mobs in Orc Maze are stealing less SP * Blacksmith Handbook are now tradable Live-Update (English) *Upgrade from Items in the Portuguese client fixed *Dropprate increased by: Reinforce Item, all skill books and all stones *Corecrash fixed on the Rarity system *Horse medals removed *Top 100 display fixed on the homepage
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