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  1. Live-Update 31.12 -Christmas costumes & Christmas hats are now tradable -Reindeer is now from Lv. 1 usable -Special drop: From December 31st to January 5th, you can alternatively drop a firework that glows beautifully in the sky -Palos2 wishes everyone a happy new year!
  2. -Drop chance increased: Red Flame Stone -HoHoHo! Santa was there and brought you something! Alternatively, you can now drop a Christmas present. This gift comes with incredibly great items that Santa has packed by hand. Among other things, he has to give away costumes, pets and mounts with bonuses! -The event runs until January 5th. For New Year's Eve we think of something nice Please Patch!
  3. -Description corrected at Doom of Valyria > 4 members needed. -Notification to all at biologist quest Lv 94th added. -Biologist quest Fixed a bug > No bonus was awarded on aborting the quest when selecting bonuses and could not be re-selected afterwards. Error now fixed. -Current Event > An Advent Calendar brings you surprises every day for 24 days. You drop different items every day. Which are, you see, if you log in in the chat. -Christmas event, Christmas decoration etc. will follow. Be curious! -We welcome [TGM]Lucius and [TGM]Zykopania as the newest team member. Please Patch!
  4. We are currently looking for team members for TGM, CoMa, and Promo Manager for all languages. Your applications simply in the forum purely We look forward to your applications! Bye for now
  5. Moonlight Treasure Chests Event starts today and ends on 22.11! Have fun!
  6. Hello Community! Our Hallween event has ended. We are looking forward to the christmas event. We hope you had a lot of fun! <3
  7. Update 4.11 * New: Event NPC -Join events, get Sweet Rice and exchange it at the Ricedealer * New: Event Map -All events on a map feasible on different islands -At upcoming events you will be teleported by a Quest roll directly to the island (Quiz, Fishing..) -Thanks to [TGM]Mortis for the map * Green dew completely removed * Metin Jeon-Un Drop Revised: Less Exp Rings & Thief Gloves * Dropprate reduced by: Chest of Westeros & Chest of the North * Info: Sweet Rice is an event reward * Sweet Rice stackable
  8. * Announcements are now more visible than before* Damage & Life Adaptation: Duratus Dungeon, Doom of Valyria: Jotun Thrym* Metinstone (Ultra) can no longer be used on Map1* Admiral Angmur corrected display error in crafting window* Yang has been significantly increased level-based* Events like +Exp/+Yang are now more visible than before. If an event is on, a green Quest roll appears. For more information you can click on the Quest roll* Colorful Pearls removed at: Dragon of Valyria* Less energy shards are needed for uppen: ruby, garnet, tourmaline, emerald, sapphire Eq* Crafting Chance increased to 80% on: King Belt, Shadow Belt, Runebelt, Gr. Bear Belt, Tourmaline Belt* Complete revision of the Jotun-Thrym chest (wiki.palos2.net//index.php?title=Jotun_Thrym_Chest)Please Patch!
  9. Welcome to our spooky, scary Halloween Event! Expect spooky costumes for you & your weapons.Also, a spooky mount and a sweet but scary pet.Alternatively you drop a Magic Wand and a Pumpkin.You need to turn this into a gruesome Halloween chest at the White Walker,to get horrible items. But watch out. A mask card has crept in.This masks card contains the scary scary costumes, the mount and the pet.But that is not all. An evil witch has all the Metinstones under Lv. 50 turned into a pumpkinand all the Metinstones over Lv. 50 in a stone of pumpkins.The event ends on 09.11.We also welcome 3 new TGMs in the team: [TGM]bLaZe, [TGM]xHeeward & [TGM]QuinxTo get spooky items as well, you have to patch first!
  10. *Razador & Nemere damage now has a max. Dmg Cap*Life of the Razador & Nemere increased*Shamans make a total of 3% more damage*Review of the Daily Quest: Instead of Metin Tu-Young Metin Ma-An has to be destroyed*Salvation Fan included in: En-Tai Fighter, En-Tai Druid, En-Tai Healer, En-Tai Warrior*Drogon now has 100% poison resistance -> ensures a more even distribution of drops*Drogon stops in one place*Soulbelt inserted at: Spinnenbaroness*Lv. 100 Helmets Bonuses changed +9 -> 10% Strong vs Half HumansPlease Patch!Some impressions from our Event yesterday
  11. General: * Razador & Nemere reworked: <20% less damage with <20% life * Upp chances on all items increased * + 15% Exp: Spider Dungeon 3 & Grotto 2 * + 15% Exp: Spider Dungeon 2 & Grotto 1 * + 30% Yang on Map1 & Map2 * Dungeon Kill info formatted more clearly * Green Strength & Green Magic now apply to all items under Lv. 40 are used * Offer of the Week: Magic Stone in the ItemShop until Thursday * Metin stones below Lv. 25 drop instead Enchant / Reinforce Item -> Green Strength & Green Magic in increased amount New Items: * New Weapons & Armor -> Kyanite Weapons & Kyanite Armor -Craftable at Admiral Angmur (Cape of the Dragonfire) -Weapons from Lv. 105 / Armor from Lv. 110 -Special feature: The one-handed weapon can also be worn by the Warrior (unlike .DE) * New Mount -> Reditus -Bonus: + 2000HP, +450 attack value -From Dragon of Valyria * New Pet -> Mr. Paw -Bonus: + 2000HP, Strong vs. Monster + 15%, 10% Exp Bonus - From ItemShop / Dragon of Valyria * New PvM Costume -> Athene Garment -Bonus Costume: + 2000HP, Strong Against Monster + 20%, 15% Exp Bonus -Bonus Helmet: + 500HP, Strong vs. Monster + 10%, 5% Exp Bonus - From ItemShop / Dragon of Valyria * New PvP Costume-> Artemis Garment -Bonus Costume: + 2000HP, Strong vs. Half Man + 15%, 10% DB Hit -Bonus Helmet: + 500HP, Strong vs. Half Man + 10%, 10% Crit. Hit - From ItemShop / Dragon of Valyria New Dungeon: -> Doom of Valyria -available via Varys (Teleporter) from Lv. 105 -min. 4 people (group) -min. Lv. 105 -multiple levels & multiple bosses -Increased Drop Chance on Magic Stone at Dragon of Valyria -Required stone must be dropped at the lemures prince *Required Upp-Itmes from: -Chest of Nemere: Kyanite, Fruit of the Gods, Soul of Truth, Book of Truth -Jotun Thrym Chest: Fruit of the Gods, Soul of Truth, Elixir of the Gods, God Blessing, Book of Truth -Bagjanamu Chest: Elixir of the Gods, Soul of Truth, Book of Truth -Chest of Razador: Soul of Truth, God's Flower, Padparadscha, Book of Truth Important: All upp items are also droppable on Dragon of Valyria * The start was simplified by editing the apprentice chests: Apprentice chest II -Blessing Scroll Number increased to 15 -Blessing Marble Number increased to 5 Apprentice chest III -Blessing Scroll number increased to 15 -Blessig Marble Number increased to 5 -Green Strength number increased to 15 Expert chest I -Blessing Scroll number increased to 15 -Green Strength inserted (10x) -Shells inserted (25x) Expert chest II -Exorcism Scroll Number increased to 20 -Concentrated Reading number increased to 20 -Blessing Scroll number increased to 15 Expert chest III -Reinforce Item inserted (25x) -Experience Ring Inserted -Soul Stone Number increased to 3 Master chest I -Soul Stone Number increased to 5 -Experience Ring Inserted -Puppy box inserted Master chest III -Elixier of Researcher inserted (3x) Grandmaster chest I Chest of Darkness Number increased to 5 Enchant Item inserted (200x) Please Patch!
  12. * Shaman Skill "Dragon's Roar" is now displayed where attacked. Has a limited range* You can now use Ctrl + G for Epic Ram & Appaloosa* Costumes & Pets has been extended by 7 days for those who purchased it before the 20.9* Droppchance of UppItem normal final increased* At Theowahdan Sovereign Sash & Royal Sash fine were changed to Sovereign Sash & Royal Sash normal* Desert Costumes at Aemon now have an 80% chance of success crafting* Copper Sheets added: Ochao Lord, Bagjanamu, Jotun Thrym & En-Tai WarriorWe are currently working on a content update so we will not do any regular updates in the next few days
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