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  1. Infos: -System have 5 category, each category have 4 bonuses - When all 5 category will be unlocked, you will be able to get the pasive bonus - You can craft points from ""Obtain points", you can choose to make fast 1,2,3 or 4 points. - At each categories you can unlock bonuses from left to right - System: C++/Python Crafting System: You can craft points for make bonuses.For craft points, you need x,y items and an sum of yang.aswell you can change to craft point: 1 to 4.- Maxium points you can obtain : 80 Preview: [Hidden Content] Choosing Passive Bonus: You can choose one of 3 bonuses passive: INT(12),DEX(12),STR(12) - You can choose after all bonuses is at maximum - After you choose, the bonus will write down at "Passive Bonus" - After you choose, you cannot change! Preview: [Hidden Content] Price: 100Euro Method payment: Banking transfer Skype: grimmjock
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