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  1. RenderTarget2.0 [C++/Python] Info: - above all, he always adjusts with his position! - you can move the rendered object up and down! - you can rotate the rendered object! - reset the settings, - zoom in / out - change Fast-Interaction [C++/Python] Infos: - fast add +10 status points - fast sell in shop - fast buy in shop - DELETE item - inventory <-> safebox - inventory <-> exchange - inventory <-> special storage - show drop chest - open 50x items from stack Dog Mode - RealTime [C++/Python] Simply put, from now on you can immediately notice the effect of changing monsters into dogs [Hidden Content] Hide Effects (Buffs/Skills/Other) [C++/Python] This system gives the ability to detect the effects of buffs / skills / and others (helps optimize the game) for weaker computers [Hidden Content] More of my work coming soon I am also open to a cooperation offer, I am able to write anything! I am waiting for proposals I have a lot of my work on my disc, if you are determined what you need, write to me! I may have just what you need! Contact: Message on this forum, Discord: xVincent#1523
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