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  1. In the future: I'll start to code anything on your request for android & ios platform. My first project will be related to an admin panel. You can manage your server from everywhere. Make new events with the time. Make new notices with the time. And more things. My second project will be related to a payment. You can see who paid to you for something on your smart telephone. Supported: PayPal PaySafeCard About the new pet system I'm trying to find the formulas of the new pet skills at the moment. Rest of them is working fine. I'll try to make a video about this as soon as possible. About FoxPack Manager I'll make a video as soon as possible. About Multi-Language system. (The price is 100€) (100% Multi-language Clientside/Serverside) The system won't read mob_proto and item_proto directly for the names. The system will read everything from the text file. (I saw this feature from world of metin2) Like mob_names_en.txt, mob_names_de.txt Like item_names_en.txt, item_names_en.txt About Offline-shop You'll have a new sell type expect yang and coins. If someone starts to sell the item with the new sell type, you can make an offer for the item. Your money or coins would be waiting. You can cancel your offer with the offline shop panel too. About RedWizard (The price is 150€) I know, most people was waiting for this protection system from me. Red-wizard'll protect you from the whole hacks. I can't say that this protection can protect you forever. However, the protection system will protect your executable file such as 99.99% As I said before, the protection system does not work from the dynamic library file (DLL). I tried to implement a few feature in Redwizard from nGameProtectGuard (The best rootkit in Europe) The system is now working fine. (Stable) About the soul binding system This feature is only for if you bought the new pet system and the soul binding system. You can bind your pets to your soul. You can't use pet box for bound pets after binding your pets to your soul. Kind Regards ~ Ken
  2. About offline-shop (In the future) The admin panel is a bit changed. New sell type added for offline-shop. You can use coins (Dragon Mark) for your offline-shop. You can use yang for your offline-shop Kind Regards ~ Ken
  3. Metin2 - Soul binding system (The price is 60€) At first, this system will protect you from thief all the time. When you bind the item to your soul, you can't do those things anymore. You can't sell the item into the shop. You can't sell the item in your private shop. You can't put the item into your safe box. You can't change the attributes of the item or add a new attribute. You can't drop the item. When you try to remove your bound soul from the item, you have to wait 3 days (72 hours). Full spirit stones of the item and soul binding. Warning ; I'm working in the background, when your job is done, I'll contact to you as possible as I can. Thank you for your patient again. Kind Regards ~ Ken
  4. About pet system You can call old pets and new pets at the same time. When you're trying to extract your pet, the system will apply random bonus for HP, Defense, and SP Kind Regards ~ Ken
  5. Here is a video for new offline-shop system. Kind Regards ~ Ken
  6. 让我们休息了一下

  7. #TopicUpdated It's so good to come back I want to thank who supports to me at my topic or somewhere else again. Kind Regards ~ Ken
  8. 아무것도 불가능 하지 않습니다

  9. Costume Weapon - References : Owner of Eternia 2 Xavi Owner of Arkona2 Thanks for your bad/good comments about me I am only try to the best for my customer. That's all for me and i am only developer Kind Regards Ken
  10. Black is not mean sadly or unhappy. Black is only nothing

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      Aham... tell me more


  11. Released video about Costume Weapon : Kind Regards Ken
  12. Last screenshot from costume weapon. Included costume claws too (for wolfman)Have a good night for everyone. Kind Regards Ken
  13. Offline Shop : [Added]Time function for offline shop. You can choice stay-time for yourself offline shop. [Coming]You can choice your custom timer. [Added]Offline shop is working in all channels. (CH1-CH2-CH3-CH4-GAME99). If your offline shop is in ch1, you can destroy him from ch1,ch2,ch3,ch4,game99. [Coming]You can add extra timer for your offline shop. (1 hour => 500 yang) [Coming]If your money is not enough, system will get some money from your bank account. A part from offline shop again. Kind Regards Ken
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