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[SELL] Complete finished server (whole project)

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Good day,

I offer my entire project called Fey for sale.
Fey is a completely finished and ready-to-run oldschool server, which was online in live operation until a few days ago.
Due to time constraints it was closed recently. The server is international and available in 5 different languages.
English, German, Romanian, Turkish and Polish.

What is included in the sale?
- Serverfiles.
- Source.
- Client.
- Tools.
- Homepage.
- Patcher.
- Pre-configured firewalls.
- All associated designs.
- 100% support.

As already mentioned, this is a complete project which will be delivered in one piece.
The server files have already been online several times by me in live operation, which is why I can guarantee that they are not only secure, but also bug-free/clean and stable. Furthermore, there are several security measures in this project, which I will gladly go into in more detail privately.

In addition I can offer to implement more systems and co to the buyer on request, or offer other development guarantees. These will of course be negotiated separately after the main sale.

I don't want to see 5 different servers with my files, or 5 different servers with the same designs, and I don't want them to be made public. Therefore the sale is limited once.
The whole project will only be sold once. As soon as the project has found a new owner, the sale will end!

Here are some insights from the server presentation:

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

If you are interested you can contact me in Discord. I can only be reached there.
Discord: nives_fey

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