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Eos2 - The Fall of the Damned | International | PvM-Hard | 30.06.2023


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Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

Exciting times ahead! 🚀 We've circled a special date, and you should too!

🗓 Big Date, Bigger Plans: On 6th October at 19:00 CEST, we're hitting the launch button. Eos2 is coming back, and it's going to be legendary!

🎈 Not Just Another Relaunch: This isn't a routine restart. We've tuned up, tightened the bolts, and are set for a smashing re-entry.



Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.
Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.
Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

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Greetings, everyone! 
We are thrilled to introduce our brand new Challenges System, designed to add an extra layer of thrill and competition to your gaming experience. Get ready to showcase your skills and be rewarded for your achievements!

🎯 How Does it Work?

In this unique system, we will be setting up various exciting tasks and objectives for you to conquer. These challenges will range from defeating powerful bosses to achieving a certain level, and even completing difficult quests within the game. Your goal is to be the first to accomplish these tasks and claim the ultimate glory!

🏆 Exclusive Rewards 

As an added incentive, we will be offering exclusive rewards to those brave enough to rise to the challenge and emerge victorious. You will have the opportunity to earn goodies that will give you a competitive edge:

  • First level 30 => Full Moon Sword +6 
  • First level 75 => Poison Sword +0 
  • First level 90 => 500DC Voucher
  • First level 105 => 1000DC Voucher 
  • First mount => 30x Elixir (L)
  • First mount level 50 => 3x Premium Mount Item for a month
  • First Grandmaster Skill => 5x Legendary Soul Stones
  • First Demon Tower completed => 10x Reaper's Chest
  • First Scorpion Ruins completed => 10x Scorpion's Chest
  • First Devil's Catacomb => 15x Azrael's Chest
  • First Spider Queen's Nest => 10x Spider Queen's Chest
  • First Beran Setaou => 15x Beran Setaou Chests
  • First Meley => 25x Meley Chests
  • First Razador => 25x Razador Chests
  • First Nemere => 10x Nemere Chests
  • First Large Zander catch => 10x Clams
  • First Ebony Ore mined => 3x Refined Ebony
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Greetings, Eos2 Warriors! 


We are thrilled to announce the revamp of our Alignment System, aiming to create a fair and engaging gameplay experience for all players. The previous system was found to be highly unreliable and poorly designed, leading to an unfair advantage for certain individuals.

The negative alignment range now imposes progressive penalties on drop chances, hit, and skill damage, while positive alignment brings corresponding bonuses to drop chances. This revamped system aims to discourage unfair gameplay practices, such as kill-stealing, and rewards players with positive rank status. 



Negative alignment

-1 to -3,999 => -3% drop chance and -3% hit and skill damage
-4,000 to -7,999 => -5% drop chance and -5% hit and skill damage
-8,000 to -11,999 => -7% drop chance and -7% hit and skill damage
-12,000 to -20,000 => -10% drop chance and -10% hit and skill damage



Positive alignment

12,000 to 20,000 => +5% drop chance
8,000 to 11,999 => +4% drop chance
4,000 to 7,999 => +3% drop chance
1,000 to 3,999 => +2% drop chance
0 to 999 => +1% drop chance


Join us as we embrace this new alignment system and look forward to future enhancements and updates!
The Eos2 Team.

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Eos2 - The Class Balancing

It is our firm belief that achieving a fine balance in gameplay is of utmost importance. The journey towards this balance necessitates continuous adaptation and improvement, leading us to introduce several changes that redefine the game’s landscape. Every hero has their own strengths and weaknesses. An exceptional PvP character may not excel in PvE scenarios, and vice versa. We are addressing these disparities with a series of tweaks.


  • Berserk: We've reshaped this skill, adding a 10% vs mob bonus at P and removing the previous penalty. This will inspire players to upgrade this skill and positively affect the market dynamics.
  • Dragon Mage's Buffs: To encourage players to invest more time and effort in improving their equipment, we've made Dragon Mage's buffs 100% effective on self-cast, while reducing the effect to 75% when cast on others.
  • Attack Up: The Light Mage's 'Attack Up' will now provide an additional 10% damage at P.
  • Dispel: This powerful spell will now deal even more damage, while maintaining 100% dispel capacity at P.
  • Feather Walk: Now, Feather Walk will cure negative effects, akin to the 'Cure' ability of the Light Mage.
  • Strong Body: We’ve amplified this skill from Mental Warrior to truly highlight its tanking nature. The movement bonus penalty has been removed and more Defense - HP and Average DMG Res have been added from the outset (ending up with a maximum of around 400 Def, 2k hp, 5% avg. res).

Furthermore, every character's progression now scales according to new bonuses, as outlined in the accompanying presentation. We have also taken steps to balance PvE play. Monsters, metins, and bosses now have adjusted resistances to different classes, offering a boost and making every class viable for those who wish to try them out. Remember, the high-level dungeon requires strategic thinking, skill, and a unique approach to character selection. In this domain, the standard PvE character may not necessarily reign supreme. It's time to reevaluate and strategize. We look forward to witnessing your journey.

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Hello fellow adventurers!

For the first three days
, there will be no 💰Itemshop💰available. This ensures that everyone has an equal chance to succeed without any advantages based on purchases. We believe in fairness and giving everyone an equal opportunity.

If you haven
't already, join our

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.
community to stay updated and connect with fellow players!

The Eos2 Team

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Greetings, Eos2 Community!


Are you feeling the excitement building up for today's launch? Get ready because our gates open today at 19:00 CEST!

Premium Effects: To make this launch even more special, we have an incredible offer for all new characters. Every account created will receive an exclusive 7-day premium effects package. This means you'll enjoy enhanced drop rates, increased yang earnings, accelerated experience gains, and much more!

Registrations and Download: If you haven't 

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.
 your accounts on our website yet, do it now and start 
Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.
 the game so that you'll be fully prepared to join the adventure when we officially launch.

Jotun Update: Jotun senses that you are not yet fully prepared to face him, so he await the moment when at least 10 of you have reached level 90 in order to make his grand appearance.


See you all at launch!
The Eos2 Team.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Introducing "The Fall of the Damned" storyline

Our latest update brings an exciting new element to the game - a new storyline.
We've heard your call for a respite from the relentless grind of Metin Stone farming and are eager to offer a fresh, dynamic gaming experience.
To start with, we're introducing 11 quests, covering levels 1 to 45. But that's just the beginning - we have more lined up in the pipeline, set to roll out in the upcoming patches. These quests aren't your standard fare. They unveil an entirely new storyline, enriching the lore and bringing more depth to the world you're exploring. Alongside the standard rewards like items, gold, and experience points, you'll discover that some missions grant you permanent rewards, making the journey all the more worthwhile. Permanent rewards are an innovative feature that offers enduring bonuses.
Upon completing the entire storyline (up to level 105), your character will receive a lasting boost of:

  • 2000 HP
  • 150 Attack Value
  • 10% Chance of Critical Hit

While some values might seem minimal at lower levels, remember that the primary objective of this storyline is completion, unlocking the full potency of these bonuses. As a teaser, the first quest awards a 'Ring of Will Power (B)' with a 3-day duration. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into these quests right now!


Patchnotes 1.1.

  • Channel V and Channel VI are now unclickable.
  • Fixed the Guild icons.
  • The empire languages were finally fully removed.
  • Wu-Zi Art of War book has now the correct description.
  • Search Shop's Class, Type&Subtype and Applies are now working correctly.
  • A bug that was causing Search Shop to not show all the items found on the market was fixed.
  • Players are no longer able to restart in town in Demon Tower.
  • Fixed the description for Inventory Keys.
  • Adjusted STR scaling for Ebony Earrings. Now provides the correct value of +12 STR at +9.
  • Fixed a typo in Berserk Skill. It will now show correctly 10% instead of +10.
  • Removed drop of Cold Star from Metin of Soul, and from every player's inventory. --> This item is not from Nemere's Chest.
  • Fortune Talisman provides now the correct value of 15% Exp Bonus.
  • A DT issue that was causing a crash after finishing the 4th floor was fixed.


  • "Strong against Monsters" bonus formula was modified so it's now more effective.
  • Every window can now be closed using the "ESC" tab.
  • Lowered Piece of Gem drop.
  • Added a pair of bounded Thief's Gloves (1h) in the following Apprentice Chest: Level 20/30/40/50.
  • Slightly decreased drop of Spider Eyes from Baby Spider.
  • Improved drop of Spider Legs, Spider Egg Sack, Spider Poison Sack, Spider Web.
  • Spider Legs can now be dropped from Best. Claw Poison Spider (Spider Dungeon 3 monster).
  • Spider Egg Sack can now be dropped from Soldier Poison Spider (Spider Dungeon 2 monster) and Best. Sold. Pois. Spider (Spider Dungeon 3 monster).
  • Spider Poison Sack can now be dropped from Deadly Poison Spider (Spider Dungeon 2 monster.)
  • Spider Web can now be dropped from Small Poison Spider (Spider Dungeon 2 monster).
  • Decreased Universal Flowers and Mission Boxes from Giant's Land.
  • Universal Flowers, from Valley, can now be collected starting with level 35, not 36 anymore.
  • When clicking on a Mission Box (Yellow) in Hanseong, with a character between level 21 and 35, you will receive a "Mission Book (Medium)", instead of "Mission Book (Easy)".
  • Mission Box (Yellow), from Valley, can now be collected starting with level 35.
  • Added Exorcism Scroll to Metin of Dust.
  • Improved drop of Green Bonus Adder and Bonus Adder from Metins & Chaoses (remember you can exchange x5 Adders for x1 Changer at Uriel).
  • Improved drop of Green Bonus Changer and Bonus Changer from Metins & Chaoses.
  • Added drop of Hourglass at Metin of Jealousy/Soul/Shadow and Chaos Metin of Soul/Shadow.
  • Improved drop of Hourglass.
  • Updated description for Hourglass and Hourglass+.
  • DT now has 9 floors instead of 8. The original first floor was reintroduced.


Metin's Fever Event (18/07/2023)
The event will last for 6h and from every Metin Stone, within your level range, players can drop 3 items:

  • Thief's Gloves (1h)
  • Experience Ring (30minutes)
  • Clam.


  • Ring of Will Power (30d) is available in ItemShop. This ring will provide 1.000 HP and 10% Strenght against Monsters.
  • Wind Shoes are available in ItemShop. The duration is 1d and 6h. The time will expire only when the item is worn.

Offline Shop fixes and improvements

  • Modified the system in such a way that even if a crash happens, the shop will not be affected. This might not work in every situations, since a core crash is usually a complex issue.
  • Added a "Contact Seller" button right beside the shop's name.
  • The distance from where you can open a shop was slightly increased.
  • Changed behaviour of Hourglass. You can now use as many as you want with NO cooldown, but it will not surpass the limit of 48h.
  • Players can now withdraw money even when the shop is not open.
  • A dot was added in the "Sales amount" and "Potential Shop Value" for a better readability. F.e. from 123456 to 123.456.
  • An issue that was causing a client crash when player used the full length name for a shop was fixed, as well as when the player used a symbol in shop's name.

OX fixes and improvements

  • Global announcement was fixed. Now every player will be able to see the message.
  • We modified the event and fixed a broken query that wasn't allowing players to enter the event.
  • We set a 5 seconds waiting time before confirming the answer instead of 10.
  • We modified the questions in order to have both "real life" trivia and also Eos2 related questions.
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Good morning,

Eos will go through multiple changes when it comes to PR, Advertising and in-game features. Things that will bring Eos exactly as we wanted it - a well-known server in the Metin2 P-Server industry.
We know that the number of players is quite low at the moment, but we believe it deserves much more than that and we're willing to sacrifice a lot for that to happen. Or well...is it a sacrifice when we talk about passion?

One of the first things that you might wanna see, is the new Fishing System we're working on.

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

It's new. It's simple. It's intuitive. It's unique.

Thank you for your time and jump on Eos! A new presentation will be available soon!

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The announcement you were all waiting for - Eos2 - The big Relaunch

We’re finally here. A long and somewhat difficult road, with ups and downs, good things and disappointments, but a road that taught us a lot!

This road does not end here though because we’re stubborn as fk and because we know you deserve more from us.

On 6th October we’re proud to announce that Eos2 will be relaunched.

Every single player that played so far on Eos deserves the best and so, the following rewards will be given to them on the newly released server:
- An Eos2 unique costume set.
- Premium Package for a long period of time.
- A beginner chest with a lot of goodies.

Apart from these, every single Dragon Coins buyer from the Itemshop will receive the entire sum of consumed Dragon Coins back.

Starting with Monday, 11th September, a huge marketing campaign is coming coordinated by Clairmont.

The current server will remain open until the first week of October and we’ll deliver content to it. It will basically become a closed Beta Server until the relaunch time comes.

A lot of exciting news is on its way, so stay tuned.

Thank you,
Eos2 Team.

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Hello everyone,

We need YOUR help!
Even if we're talking about a game developed 20 years ago, its community is changing and evolving as we speak. We're getting older, the number of "brand new" Metin2 players is close to none, so the best thing we can do is to understand each other needs and behaviors.

I have a little survey I want to share with you. It shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

It's in English language, so if you have any problems completing it, just use your browser's translation function. It's not gonna be perfect, but good.

Thank you for your time,
Eos2 Team.

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🛡️ Guild Migration Program at Eos2 🛡️

We're thrilled to roll out our Guild Migration Program, a unique opportunity for guilds from other servers to seamlessly join our community with exclusive perks. If you’re part of a tight-knit guild and have been thinking of exploring new horizons, here's your call to action!

📜 Criteria for Eligibility: 📜
Your guild must consist of a minimum of 10 active members.
It should have been an established entity for at least 3 months on other server/servers.

✨ Exclusive Incentives: ✨

🎁 Starter Pack Includes: 🎁
Premium Package (7d)
Ring of Will Power (7d) (b)
x2 Sun Elixir (E)
x2 Moon Elixir (E)
x75 Green Bonus Changers (B)
x40 Green Bonus Adders (B)
x20 Blessing Marble (B)
Wind Shoes (B)
x20 Purple Potion (M)
x20 Green Potion (M)
x30 Novice Chests.
🔖 Special Discord Role: Join our Discord with a unique role, symbolizing your guild's esteemed position in our community.
🌐 Guild Spotlight: Stand out and make a grand entrance! Featured guilds and their members will grace the first page of our website. An article will shed light on your guild's history, achievements, and the personalities that make it unique.

📝 Enrollment Process: 📝
Guild leaders will initiate the process by presenting their guild in a specially designated channel (On Discord).
Each guild member should follow, presenting themselves and mentioning their in-game character name.
Once introduced, our dedicated team will carry out a brief verification.
Post-verification, each member will be graced with the Starter Pack!

Together, let's make Eos2 the ultimate hub for guilds seeking unforgettable adventures. Rally your members and set sail to new beginnings!

Last two patchnotes:

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

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