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Rodnia.to | Internacional | Lanzamiento del nuevo servidor FAME 02.03.2023


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Lanzamiento del servidor FAME: 03.02.2023 | 18:00 CEST




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  • Rodnia2 changed the title to Rodnia.to | Internacional | Lanzamiento del nuevo servidor FAME 02.03.2023
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Tomorrow is a special day of celebration. "Dragobete" is a traditional holiday celebrated in Romania on February 24th, and it is often referred to as the Romanian version of Valentine's Day. It is a day when people celebrate love, happiness, and the arrival of spring.

  • That's why on the occasion of this day, we have prepared a series of Events and news in the Item-shop FOR FREE.
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Maintenance 24.02.2023
Game version is now 3.4.2

  • Improved our Anti-Cheat.
  • Added new categories at Weekly Rankings.
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  • Added Wings Bonus Transfer in Item-Shop.
    Drag the item on Blessed Wings to absorb their bonuses|Drag the item on normal Wings to add the absorbed bonuses.
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  • Added the Custom Outfits made until 16.02.2023.
  • Added Legendary Lucky Chest III in the Item-Shop. You can obtain the rare Callisto & Astrum sets.
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Fixes & Changes:
  • Reworked the login so it will be faster and the issue with "Your account is already connected" won't be encountered anymore.
  • Reworked chat auto-announcements, they will appear in order from 5 in 5 minutes, with another color to be more visible.
    We also added some information about Soul Lottery & Vote4Buff too.
  • Raised respawn cooldown of Beta Bosses to 20 minutes.
  • Alastor Air Stone was dropping Moonlight Chest instead of Sunlight Chest.
  • Added required levels for all maps when teleporting from Dungeon Information(F6) window.
  • Updated Map[M] bosses respawn information for Meroklet and Arcanis bosses.
  • Teleporting outside when login in a dungeon map, if the dungeon was not active, didn't work.
  • In the Reborn window some bonus values were not displayed properly. At Reborn II you will get +4% Strong vs. All not +5%, and at Reborn III you get +5% Strong vs. All not +4%.
  • You can close a PM(private message) by using CTRL+LEFT MOUSE CLICK on the PM's icon.
  • Added the missing bonuses in the 6/7 Rarity wiki guide.
  • Added Pearls in Sunlight Chest. These chests won't drop as many pearls as the Moonlight Chest.
  • Added Blue and White pearl when crafting the Razador Pass, Chaos Pass, Nephrite Pass.
  • Added a new variant to craft the Advanced Energy Crystals using old Energy Crystals. The crafting will take the first crystals found in your inventory (in case you have multiple stacks).
  • Added 1 more Garnet and Emerald Fragments for crafting the Beran, Azrael, Baroness Passes.
  • Added Peach Flower Wine Chest, Crystal Soul Ore Chest, Sealed Soul Ore Chest at General Store. These chests contain 2000 items and they are used to save inventory space.
  • Added the drop at Wiki for Hydra Expert.
  • Nemere, Razador, Jotun and Nephrite will now regen their HP a little bit faster.
  • Made the totem inside the Devil's Catacombs smaller.
  • Made Mount Manny and the other variations of this mount faster.
  • Maat Stones will drop twice as fast at Razador Dungeon.
  • Pet & Mount Name scroll items will dissapear in 7 or 14 days if they are not used from the inventory.
  • Changed Jotun, Hydra, Malivore Passes to ask for Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Garnet Fragments instead of rubies as those fragments don't have any value we thought of this solution to increase their price.
  • Replaced 180 Attack value with -30% Strong vs. All on PvP Pets and increased the Magical/Physical attack to 10% to balance the removed bonus. This change was done because so people would not use the PvP pets in PvM.
  • There will be 10% tax when buying back Ancient Coins from Chen to avoid people spam-using them. If you want to sell a big amount of them to a player you can trade them like the yang without any tax from the trade window.
  • Fixed at Dungeon Information window(F6) that it didn't saved the hidden dungeons after re-opening the game.
  • Fixed that sometimes when you use a fast mount, you are teleported a few steps back.
  • Fixed that you could enter some maps where you shouldn't enter with more than one character per PC.
  • Fixed that hairstyles weren't displayed when previewing the items from Custom Chest.
  • Fixed a problem at Reborn system. Now when you use reborn you will be teleported in Map1 of your kingdom.
  • Fixed when using Fast Equipment option it will change your Buffi items too.
  • Fixed Buffi accessories were bugged, if you change them while your Buffi wasn't activated they will give you the bonuses doubled.
  • Fixed when inventory is locked the Pet & Mount skins will be locked now too.
  • Fixed when someone bought an item from your shop, but you teleported to another map, the message will be displayed in the top left corner of the game window until someone else will buy another item.
  • Fixed a problem when buying Potion Chest from Rise Item-Shop, potions time was set to 0.
  • Fixed Green Magic, it didn't work on level 1 items.
  • Fixed Enchant Item, it didn't work on items under level 40.
  • Fixed that if you were in a party you can't click the UI near the group members names.
  • Fixed when you tried to join someone's party more than one time, the client was crashing.
    We also added a 5 seconds cooldown between party invite requests to avoid spammers.
  • Fixed login session on Fame website. If you logged in on website you had to login again on Item-Shop too.
  • You can now enter Test dungeon Boss map from level 40, so you can test the bosses even if you don't meed the dungeon required level.
  • Some old potions from Rise could not be stacked with the new potions.
  • Removed some debug messages appearing in chat.
  • Falak's name was set too high above his head.
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Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes a new and exciting event for all our players, Spring Event - The Reborn of the Mystic Realm. During this event, you will have the opportunity to embark on special achievements and challenges that will test your skills and reward you with unique items.

In the structure of this event, 3 new important facilities was added:
  • Invasion of the Elemental Monsters
  • Spring lottery
  • Spring achievements

Lastly, we have some surprise bonuses and gifts for our dedicated players who are with us at the beginning of the Spring Event. So what are you waiting for? Join us now and celebrate the arrival of spring.
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Maintenance 17.03.2023
Game version is now 3.4.7

  • Added a new chest in Item-Shop named Druid Chest where you can choose if you want your set to be Added two sets of limited offers, Victoria and Ascot sets.
  • Added a button to use Letter Event 10 times at once.
  • Added outline to the chat text so it will be more visible.
  • Added two filter options when using Search Shop: Wings Bless Level & Item Rarity Level.

Fixes & Changes
  1. Made all items from the Newcomer Chests permanent and lowered their bonus. You will receive the Newcomer Chest when you create a new character. The chest is also available at the General Store for people that don't have it anymore.
  • Changed the Beginner Battlepass prizes. Mainly added one more Buffi and Auto Pickup and removed the OX pet and mount because they were too OP and they were setting the players expectations too high for 2 days.
  • Monsters in Level 90+ Maps(beta ones) are no longer aggresive, they will not attack the player unless attacked first.
  • Almost all bosses will not spawn in the exact same spot every time, they will spawn a little bit to the side randomly and they will no longer be aggresive to avoid afk farmers.
  • Improved search shop function to search an item and added new subcategories.
  • Fixed some problems in PvP Tournament - Heroes Brawl event.
  • Fixed the translation of Expert Dungeon Bosses.
  • Fixed the prices of some items when sold at NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue in the offline shop item insert window when editing item price where the line always jumped to the end when trying to delete a value.
  • Fixed an issue at the Shadow Potion, the bonuses appeared 2 times and with different values.
  • Fixed translations on Turkish in chat, they were broken from the last maintenance.
  • Fixed the price when adding reinforcements to Weapons/Armors. Also, the required price was changed to 25,000,000 Yang.
  • Fixed HP bar on Monsters target board.
  • Fixed at Razador that you could change the channel and kill it again.
  • Fixed an issue with the message your account is already connected.
  • Fixed at shops that if you had your inventory full the bought items were dropped on the ground.
  • The game crashed on Spanish/Portuguese when you tried to join a full party.
  • Increased the amount of Mithril, Enchanted Scroll, Druid Potion, Soulless Scroll needed to craft Orisons to raise these item's prices.
  • At Premium System, you can now add 150 items in Offline Shop.
  • Changed the maximum amount of Yang a player can sell an item for to 5kkkk.
  • Made almost all NPCs bigger in size.
  • Now you can use "Test Boss" function at every level.
  • Adjusted the price of level 30 weapons from the weapon shop. Adjusted the price of items from the general store.
  • Removed the Anti-EXP button near experience because it already exists in Character Window[C].
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