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Hello everyone (9~10) I have been in the metin2 community for more than a year, I have done business with many people so far. I opened a game through people and made technical support paid systems, the last project I did was finished and I felt the need to open this issue because there was no longer a desire to open a game.



The little anecdotes I want to talk about as altruism;

  • The work I do is simple according to some, it is difficult according to others, it will be the reward for the work I do and no one has the right to object to this.
  • My pricing options are not the pricing I give in my head, but the duration of the time I deal with and the fee of my algorithm logic.
  • While writing the system, the system game size load and lag rate are calculated and if there is consent, it is indicated to the other party.
  • will not trade with everyone, what I pay attention to should be in the concept of style and decency.
  • Do not ask questions such as the systems and arrangements x person is doing it at this price, everyone gets paid.
  • There is no refund and my mistake is the correction.



List of jobs I didn't do;

  • Item modeling and joint removal --> 'I don't'
  • Actions like setting up drop --> 'I don't'
  • Operations such as map modelling and addition, subtraction --> 'I don't'
  • Operations such as producing an item --> 'I don't'



List of works I have done;

  • Problem solutions (subject to availability);
    • The errors you have mentioned in your Server files (Memoryleak, Core, Server Issues) --> 'fix'.
    • The errors you have mentioned in your Python files (Memoryleak, Syserler, Pack Issues) --> 'fix'.
    • Errors you have mentioned in your client files (Memoryleak, Client Issues) --> 'fix'.
    • The errors you have mentioned in your MySQL files (Corrupted sql files) --> 'fix'.
    • The errors you have specified in your LUA files (Crash, Bad Codes) --> 'fix'.
    • Errors you have specified in your Extern files (Bad Lib, Compilation Errors) --> 'fix'.
  • With the clean code you imagine, the GUI processes are according to the person's request, but if the design is met --> 'I can do'.
  • Your gui transactions;
    • If you do not have an idea in your mind of the GUI you will make, it is produced according to the logic of the system and I will inform you.
    • I don't normally do things if I don't have Gui designs, but if I have general materials, I can.
    • I will draw the design you will make as a diagram and I will show you the image and inform you.
    • If I have planned and made Gui designs, I will not make a small change or edit or a big change.
  • System Software;
    • You need to sketch the system you are considering first.
    • If there is a plan of the system, you need to specify your requests item by item in order for the system to take action for me.
    • If there are missing materials, I can consult me and inform me of a search if any.
    • Your external transactions from the list you specify to me will incur charges.
    • After the system is prepared, you must indicate all your problems within 45 days as soon as it is tested.





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contact info;







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