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Avery - Oldschool at its finest | International [09.09.2022]

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Ya está abierta nuestra inscripción: 

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No olvides participar en nuestros concursos. Visítanos en nuestro

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.
. ¡Estamos deseando verte!

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Hola, hemos tenido un comienzo exitoso y estamos contentos con cada uno de los jugadores. Por supuesto, ya hemos tomado algunas sugerencias de los jugadores. Aquí están los cambios de los últimos 2 días. Nos alegramos de cada nuevo jugador 

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.


• Added option to set night mode.
• Added option to hide "Received Gold" messages.
• Added "Quest completed." chat output to Mission Book completions.
• Change Green Magic/Strength to be usable on all kinds of equipment parts (up to Lv. 40).
• Green Magic/Strength are now tradeable.
• Highlighted items dropped by party members.
• Experience rate increased from monsters in the Orc Valley.
• Duration of Appaloosa (beginner mount) increased to 24 hours.
~ All players receive a new one when logging in.
• Increased success chance of Horse Medals.
• Decreased cool down on leveling Pony from 2 to 1 hour.
• Slightly increased the drop chance of Horse Medals.
• Adjusted the drop rate of biologistic items.
• Increased the drop rate of the Arachnid Key at the Spider Queen.
• The Dark Ghost Leader now drops as intended.
• The potion filter option no longer ignores ability potions (e.g. Violet Potion or Green Potion).
• Ability potions can no longer be used when already active.
• Slightly readjusted the chances of rolling max. bonuses.
• Bosses are now marked with an effect above their head.
• Channel changer can now be opened by pressing [X].
• Added shortcut description for moving an item from then inventory to the storeroom.
• You can now keep the refinement dialog of the blacksmith opened.
• Increased the spawn rate of metinstones on the following maps:
~ All Map2's
~ Orc Valley
~ Yongbi Desert
~ Mount Sohan
• Added Fishbones as a rare drop to the 1. Material Chest.
• Decreased the amount of Bravery Capes obtained from metinstones.
• Slightly increased the drop rate of Blessing Scrolls from metinstones.
• Slightly decreased the EXP rate from monsters on Map2.
• Decreased the event duration of the Daily Empire Clash from 15 to 10 min.
• Horse food can now be stored in the material special storage.
• Passive skill books can now be stored in the skill book special storage (e.g. Polymorph).
• Increased the HP of the Reborn Chief Orc (Orc Maze).

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed option to ignore pickup of potions not being saved.
• Fixed no damage when hitting from power mounts.
• Fixed spirit stones getting automatically destroyed.
• Fixed spirit stones conversion.
• Fixed pickup of items in single mode.
• Fixed a startup error of the client.
• Fixed not being able to repeat the Couple Ring quest.
• Fixed a client crash when using a certain shortcut on items.
• Fixed pickup of items dropped by party members.
• Fixed offline shops items overlapping (only applies to newly created shops).
• Fixed item buying in shops while in selling mode buying the wrong item.
• Fixed mission books not showing EXP rewards.
• Fixed the hide costumes game option.
• Fixed the chat output when trying to warp after upgrading an item.
• Fixed the pickup of spirit stones, skillbooks and upgrading material when the inventory is full.
• Fixed the time of marriage items from the itemshop.
• Fixed being able to obtain two different Unkown Talisman+.
~ Wrong ones have been replaced with the correct ones.
• Fixed displaying some dragon god items and the critical/piercing strike items in the top left corner.
• Fixed the Revenge of the Ringtrader quest displaying 30 instead of 10 Jin-Hees.
• Fixed the Flame Ghost to not attack from such a huge range anymore.
• Fixed the reward of the Lv. 25 biologistic quest.


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Hemos hecho muchos cambios en los últimos días. Seguimos trabajando con la comunidad para mejorar Avery. No dudes en pasarte por aquí, estamos deseando verte. También tenemos muchos eventos durante el fin de semana.

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.






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Hola amigos,

Hemos tenido un gran aumento de jugadores y seguimos trabajando cada día para mejorar todo. Tenemos eventos diarios y hacemos sorteos muy a menudo. 

Ven a nuestro Discord para leer las últimas notas del parche y obtener siempre toda la información. Nos vemos en el juego.

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.


Spoiler Gameplay:
• Increased the item count stack limit from 500 to 1000.
• There now is a notification when the bio quest cooldown runs out.
• Added a bonus board to the character status window.
• Updated the auto hunt system to reset the character to starting position when stuck.
• Auto Hunt now waits for at least 75% HP after reviving before continuing.
• You can now also combine Warpring (B)'s at the Teleporter.
• Added the Ring of Successor to the DM shop.
• NPC shops now directly open when clicking on them instead of the quest window.
• You can now deliver bio items on the go.
~ This way of delivering items costs a yang fee and the fee increases depending on the bio quest.
• Reduced the amount of herbs you get from the Herb Chest from 5 to 3.
• Reworked the Potion/Dew system.
~ Potions and Dews can now be bought in a shop instead of needing to be crafted.
~ Increased the Yang price for Potions and Dews.
~ All types of potions and dews can now be bought at Baek-Go, Yu-Hwan and Huan-So.
• Increased the HP and HP regeneration of the Mighty Ice Witch.
• Increased the buy price of the Offlineshop Bundle at the General Store to 1kk Yang.
• Slightly increased the amount of spawned ore veins on all maps.
• Reduced the respawn time of ore veins from 40 to 20 minutes.
• Reduced the npc sell price of equipment by 20%.
• Slightly decreased the drop amount of Bravery Capes from Lv. 85 and Lv. 90 metins.
• The "unstuck" feature no longer works during PvP fights.
• A new auto potion will now be activated automatically when the one in use is empty.
• Characters with a disabled farming status no longer receive items when in a party.
• You can now use [CTRL] + [RMB] to buy many items at once from a shop.
• Ignoring a user now also ignores the shout/talking chats.
• You can now open multiple offline shops on the same account.
• Costumes visibility can now be set by costume equipment part.
• Consumables can now be quickly consumed by pressing [CTRL] + [E].
~ Applies to Dragon God items, Critical/Penetrate items, Dews, Green & Violet Potions.
~ Prioritizes higher bonus values for dews.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed the Azrael not dropping the Azrael's Chest.
• Fixed characters with disabled farming status still able to drop under rare circumstances.
• Fixed mounts not being summonable in safe zones.
• Fixed Blessing Marbles showing unusable when hovering an item.
• Fixed offline shop opening sometimes not working.
Spoiler Gameplay:
• Removed the "1" from any pick money/item dialogs.
• The offline shop search is now also bound to F8.
• Dews now show possible bonuses in shops.
• Decreased the alternative drop of materials on some monsters.
• Hairstyles at teachers are Unisex - You can preview them by pressing ALT.
• Increased the life of Death Reaper, Blue Death and Azrael by 25%.
~ HINT: For example, Azrael is NOT meant to get killed with low gear.
~ We continue to gather data and might adjust further in near future.*
• Decreased the max. HP of Beran-Setaou.
~ We continue to gather data and might adjust further in near future.
• The owners name is now shown in offline shops.
• You can now whisper to the offline shop owner by clicking on the notice icon in the shop window.
• Whisper dialogs now show the level of the target.
• The language of the targeted player is now shown in whisper dialogs.
• Decreased the drop of the zin card on the Devil Tower.
• Slightly increased the chance of Lv. 75 Weapons from Death Reaper/Blue Death Chest.
• Added the option to only show item names to the game options.
• Since some didn't noticed: Tincture of Name is now available in our Itemshop.
• Skill Reset Document (for one skill) is now available in our Itemshop.
• You can no longer fish while your farm status is disabled.
• You can no longer mine while your farm status is disabled.
• Premium affects (EXP, Drop & Yang) and Auto Hunt is now bound to the account instead of the character.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed the premium affects now expire in real-time.
• Fixed the block button text in the whisper dialog.
• Fixed that the whole stack of spirit stones gets removed when refining ores.
• Fixed the wiki not showing contents of certain treasure chests.
• Fixed metinstones not being attackable when scaled too big.
• Fixed the whole stack of bundles getting removed when opening an offline shop.
• Fixed the doors of Devils Catacomb not having collision when game option to ignore monster collisions is active.
• Fixed the Vote Buff not properly expiring in real time.
Spoiler Gameplay:
• Added an empire chat (use "$" like "!" for shout chat) only visible by each empire.
• Added a sash show/hide option.
• The mining skill level now increases the refine success chance for ores.
~ 33% Default Chance + up to 40% with the Mining skill being on P
• Reduced the drop rate of all Mission Books.
• Mission Books tasks now display the remaining kill count in the quest window.
• The permanent Warpring (crafted through rare pieces) now lets you teleport in front of all dungeons.
• Replaced the big notice with a private message to notify once the bio cooldown runs out.
• Added a chat notification when an affect (icons in top-left corner) expires.
• Increased the duration of juices from 3 to 10 minutes each.
~ Adjusted the prices of juices and dews according to the time increase.
• Added affect shower icons (top-left corner) for Water Potions like Sim-Water.
• Added a reset functionality to the permanent Scroll of the Location.
• Added an exact item search to the offline shop search.
~ For those who didn't know already, you can autocomplete searches by pressing Tab.
• Limited the offline shop sell history to the last 50 sold items.
• Increased the stats of the following bosses:
~ Death Reaper & Blue Death
~ Azrael
~ Beran-Setaou
• Decreased the stats of the Captain and General Yonghan.
• Added the boss effect to the Tartaros.
• Added a small text to the event dialog when no event is active or upcoming.
~ Upcoming events are only shown for the next 3 days!

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a bug that very rarely caused equipment from quest rewards to get the same bonus twice.
• Fixed the Vote Buff not consuming the vote point.
• Fixed the description of Khan and Porky.
• Fixed the items inside the chest of the Baroness.
• Fixed the belt slot in the equipment page.
• Fixed the target board of monsters ordered behind the affects.
• Fixed the [Left-ALT] button not showing names when in Limited or Items name mode.
• Fixed a small error in the whisper dialog.
• Fixed the event dialog not hiding expired events.
• Fixed the double notifications when a player logs in who is in your friend list and member of your guild.
• Fixed the affect shower (top-left corner) not updating when an affect expires.
• Fixed a bug that could kick you when using the offline shop.
• Fixed a wrongly displayed amount of required Hallowed Tree Gum for the Final Element Lee Chung quest.
• Improved the spawn mechanism of ore veins to prevent them from spawning in walls and such.
~ If you happen to still find a vein in a wall, please report the coordinates!
Spoiler In addition to the patches, we have been working hard on a protection against bot and hack users over the last few days.
We were able to finish the first version today and just applied it with this patch.
To begin with, we have deactivated automatic actions (e.g. kicks and bans) for cheating behavior in order to properly test the functionality in live operation.
We will regularly analyze logs over the next few days and will use them to make final adjustments.
If there are unusual issues of any kind, please report them via 🚨>bug-reports, so we can resolve them immediately.

• Added an extensive server sided anti cheat system.
• Added a chat announcement to the spawn of the Mighty Ice Witch.
• The offline shop selling history is now ordered from newest to oldest.
• The Medal of Diligence can now be unequipped.
• Larger numbers are now more readable with added dots (for example check the EXP in the character window).
• Added a crafting success/failure messages.
• The Event Helper shop can now also be opened at the Peddler.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed the wrong chat output when trying to change the kingdom shortly after trading.
• Fixed the Horse Riding Manual not being stackable and not being able to be stored in the skill book special storage window.
• Fixed some items being able to be put in the safebox even with not being supposed to.
• Fixed the chat not remembering the empire chat mode after closing.
• Fixed the game options getting lost when editing settings with the config.exe.
• Fixed an error in the client not finding correct model paths sometimes.
• Fixed a bug that caused you not to be teleported into the SD2 and Grotto shortly after trading, but still losing the passage ticket.
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Actualmente estamos llevando a cabo un gran evento.
Todos los nuevos jugadores reciben artículos de la tienda de objetos gratis durante 5 días. No te lo pierdas, estamos deseando verte.

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.


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