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As Metin2Stores Team, we have a professional team that has been dealing with these works for many years.

As people who have come to a certain place in this sector, we provide various services. If we talk about them briefly;

Files Design, Files Development, Design, System Additions and Removals, Error resolutions, AutoPatcher designs, WebSite Designs, WebSite Problem Solving.

You can be sure that we will give all our attention and effort to make your project better and offer a smooth gameplay.

A brief information about our services

Files Design: We have ready-to-use files completely without any problems, personalized arrangements are made upon request, and customized files are made.

Web Design: Special theme installations are made for your request in (WebSite), HTML, Wordpress, BootStrap, (Forum) MyBB, vBulletin, Xenforo Installations.

Quest (Script): We are preparing your individual quests individually, quests, npc, items or costumes, everything you can imagine is prepared and delivered.

Technical Support: We instantly solve the problems, bugs and vulnerabilities you encounter, and we always work for an uninterrupted and high quality server.

70-105 - 104-105 Our Compatible Files

A few images from our file

Login Screen:


Flag Selection Screen:

Only Blue and Red Flag Available.


Official Character Selection Screen:


Starting the Game:


Collective Systems:


Collective Systems 2 : 


Single Floor Dungeons:









Contact information

Discord : 

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WebSite : 

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Skype : 

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