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Emerald2 # Hype


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My name is KrieppeN I'm 28 years old and I'm a game developer.

I worked as a developer for the following companies :I worked as a developer for servers that are online today and I am still contacted to solve and fix certain problems (for a fee)

  1. Microsoft Mobile Oy
  2. Ross-Tech, LLC


Some time ago I thought to develop my own game with other 2 developers (not give names).

I've figured out about 70% of the project so far, I mention that at this stage the server is translated approximately in the following nationalities :
Turkish, Portuguese, Romanian, English (and partially in German)



I did this topic not to make a small promotion, and I am just looking for members able to manage this project on the Turkish community and people who can help me with promotion on youtube / streamer (against cost)

Most of the server will be a semi-hard, for beginning level 105, but we like it with increasing players to add level 110-115-120 and after adding the new system created especially for Emerald2 champion system up to level 120 different than what is on gameforge.

I apologize that I can not give you more spoilers only that after the date 25 we display on our discord server details and previews in the game.

For more details I wait on the official discord server Emerald2


Thank you very much for your support, enjoy your stay!


Looking for a new adventure?

Join our brand new global server (Emerald2)

Become a part of the legendary oriental action Server! Put your skill to the test in epic PvE battles against dragons and sinister demon lords, enter merciless PvP duels and become a true martial arts master!

We are in the 70% stage of translating the server, soon we will complete and with the completion of translation we will display the website to create accounts.

Discord link: 

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

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