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Daniel Tiberiu Munteanu

internacional Middleschool | Sephira World | Opening date Saturday, 26 June 2021

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Patch Notes
Following items can now be traded:

  • Exorcism Scroll (from stones)
  • Concentrated Reading (from stones)
  • Stone Handbook
  • Scroll of Location

The following items can now be stacked:

  • Horse Riding Manual
  • Horse Taming Manual

The drop chance of the following items was decreased:

  • Magic Iron Ore
  • Magic Copper Ore
  • Stone of the Blacksmith
  • Sun Zi Art of War
  • Wu zi Art of War
  • WeiLiao Zi Art of War
  • Horse Riding Manual
  • Horse Taming Manual
  • Spirit Stone Scroll
  • Stone Handbook
  • Hay
  • Carrot
  • Red Ginseng
  • Back to town
  • Scroll of the Location
  • Mining Guide
  • Polymorph Book

The above update will result in a higher chance of dropping all other items found in the common drop such as:

  • Bravery Cape
  • Reinforce Item
  • Enchant Item
  • Dragon God Buffs
  • Critical Strike
  • Piercing Strike
  • Researcher's Elixir
  • Researcher's Wine Bottle

Has been added in maps:

  • Ork Chief has been added in Seungryoung
  • The number of stones in all maps has been incresea

Following items were added in-game:

  • Enchant Costume and Transform Costume can now be obtained from Confucius map 1

Website shop (will be added shortly):

  • Were added VIP and VVIP membership
  • Wardrobe packages containing permanent costumes, hairstyle and weapons skins (random bonuses, they can be changed in game)

Fixed some minor issues on the server side.

Patch Notes

  • Teleporter has been enabled, added a Teleporter in each dungeon
  • Enabled wind, fire, lightning bonuses on armour, costume, bracelet and shield
  • Sort inventory was completely removed and replaced with a new one (compatible with the special inventory)
  • Special Inventory has been added, can store up to 4 categories of items, 4 pages for each category and can stack up to 5.000 of same item. It has a special effect just like normal inventory when an item is selected to be sold


  • Status Reset and Skill Reset Document, all for Redistribution Status were added to Sales Woman
  • A new event map was added

The following systems have been updated and syncronized with special inventory:

  • Refinement system
  • Multiple sell system
  • Tradehouse system
  • Guild storage system
  • Highlight system


  • The Biologist reward was changed
  • Replaced Elixirs (m) from Sales Woman with Elixirs (E) (over 300% increased volume)
  • Optimized the inventory so it won't cause lag anymore

More structural modifications were made in order to optimize the server and client side.

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