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internacional Revenge of Gods︱ Hard PVM ︱Multilanguage ︱Play2Win

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Revenge of Gods is an International server translated into English and Romanian for now, HARD PvM with a maximum level of 105, (without: alchemy, scarves, 6/7, modded items, etc.). The appearance of map1 and map2 are changed for all kingdoms, as well as the appearance of all NPCs.

The look of the OX system has changed, as have the questions.

For starters, each player receives: a suit, a hairstyle and a mount that will help you get started.

A questing system for both high and low level characters.

The biologist is present on the server, and some of the necessary items can be found at the general store.

The maps are designed in such a way that, even if you are a new player, you can figure out how you should level up as easily as possible. Being restricted to a minimum level, which can be seen when you try to teleport to a certain map. Upgrade materials can be dropped from mobs on each map, as well as skill cards, G skills are done with 55 cards, and P skills with SSs. They can only be bought from other players or farmed.

There are the following evolutions on the server:

Black Steel -> Blue Steel -> Beta -> Water

Battle Sword -> Triton -> Beta -> Dragon

The accessories can be crafted at the NPC having the following evolutions:

 Heaven's Tear -> Soul Crystal -> Beta (which are PvP)

The ores needed for the upgrade are farmed in the Mining Map, and the Pickaxe can be purchased from the miner, who is in Map1, respectively Map2 in each kingdom.

Upgrade items for the latest armor and weapon can be found to beta maps and bosses.

The waters, respectively the dew can also be crafted using flowers that are dropped by the monsters in each map, and empty bottles that can be bought from the General store.

There is also a crafting for Seals, in evolution style, meaning with yang you can craft a weaker seal which you can upgrade.

The anti-race belts, respectively the resistance to average damage and skill damage are crafted with items that are dropped at high level bosses: Azrael, Nemere, Razador, Fear.

On the server there is a new dungeon, Fear, and, with the items dropped from the last boss, you can craft: a suit, a hairstyle and a mount. (the whole Fear set), this crafting is found near the entrance to the fear dungeon (map1, up in the temple), also the boss from the last level also drops DCs, so they can be obtained in the game without donating.

 JD Vouchers can also be crafted on the server, which can be used in the item-shop to buy something unique.

Yang can be turned into ingots at the warehouse manager



Bonus page

Warehouse access, item-shop acces directly from the inventory

Equipment system

Offline Shop

Anti-XP ring directly from the inventory

War between the guilds


(you have the option to select the flag of the country you belong to).

We offer 24/7 support for any problem related to our server.

Brief presentationPREZ_1_ENG.png

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