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  1. Dual Language Client & Server: English & Romanian
  2. Gaya & Yang Currency
  3. Inventory Lock with PassCode & Item Stack
  4. 4 Inventory Pages
  5. 6 STONES on Weapon & Armor
  6. Extended Portable Warehouse
  7. Dragon Stone Alchemy
  8. Biologist Research Panel
  9. New Dances / Pose Actions
  10. Level 5 Skill Panel Pop-up
  11. Channel Change Tab in Settings
  12. Extra Game Options in Settings
  13. Over 200 new mobs
  14. New Maps
  15. Vnum on items for GM
  16. Semi Transparent while Invisible for GM
  17. Costume Section for Clothes, Weapons, Effects for Weapon and Armor
  18. Costume ON/OFF (Hide/Show) Toggle
  19. Belts
  20. Sash (all from official)
  21. Mount like Horse
  22. Mob Info (Stats, Drop)
  23. Enhanced Pets
  24. Player Titles in Real Time
  25. Lucky Boxes
  26. Chest Drop Info & Open multiple chests at once
  27. Shop offline by Great with Koray Decorations like Retail (Official Server)
  28. Shop Box for Shop Offline
  29. Shop Search
  30. Switchbot
  31. Destroy Equipment
  32. Enhanced Friends List
  33. Maintenance



  1. Event System Panel (you need to Enable them as they are disabled when you install your server):
  2. Attendance Event
  3. Jigsaw
  4. OK Cards
  5. Combat zone
  6. OX
  7. War Between Kingdoms

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