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hispano KingWars2-Level250-PvP-PvM-RO-EN-->SERVER2<-->

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Server Name: KingWars2 server2

Level maxim:250
Canale Deschise : 1/4
ItemShop ! :http://kingwars2.ro/server2/itemshop/

Mapa Bosilor Demonici.
Mapa Moon Cave : lvl 150 intrare .

Evenimentul de halloween este activ .


Dovleac Halloween DROP: marmura ! 
Mapa bosilor DROP : Marmura.
Moon Cave : DROP MARMURA : 
Costume+Frizuri Halloween ! 

Pet + Mount Halloween adauga'te la drop ! .

Harta se gaseste Tiffiny numita Map Halloween 2019 !

Halloween Metin Drop:

Dovleac de Halloween dropeaza la acest metin cate x2

Pentru costum halloween M-Negru : 1200 Dovleci.

Pentru Costum Halloween M-Alb : 1400 Dovleci.

Restul va lasam sa descoperiti voi .


Harta noua moon cave + dropuri UP-URI + un BOSS nou in harta.

Moon Boss DROP : 
Dropeaza arme 3d .
Avem Transmutatie pe server sistemul !
Dropeaza upuri pentru evolutii  ! 
Metin Crystal : dropeaza costume cu bonusuri .
Intrare in Moon Cave de la level 150+ ! 
Mapele sunt:
Tigrammi: 90-120
Taramu Zombilor: 120-150
Taramu Primaverii : 150-200
Mormantu Zeiteii : 200-250
Mapa Halloween 2019 : activa lvl 40 intrare.
Mapa Moon Cave : activa lvl 150 intrare .

New Update:
Sistem Esarfe:
Sistem Curele : 
Sistem Skin Weapon : 
Sistem Fum:
Sistem arme 3d mde:
Info Drop Mobi :
HP Bar mobi: 
Hp bar Playeri:
Pvp duel Advanced : 
S-a scos fuluri s-a adaugat Elixirele la magazin:
Biolog Portabil: 
Depozit Portabil :
Shop Offline : 
Sistem Noapte/Zi : 
Inel Portabil : 
Status bonusuri :
switchbot implementat:
Salveaza Locatia : 
Search Shop Offline:
4 Inventare implementate:
Sistem Informatii automat: 
Costume Personalizate mai mult de 70 pe server acum: 
Sistem Inventar de md-uri redenumite in Euro .Server .
New Design Map1 .: Toate.
Sistem Transmutatie adaugat : .
Sistem Inchisoare rezolvat si readaugat . : 
Bug Frizuri rezolvat : .
Hundu-UP acum merge bine. 
Maestru Functional cu perlele pentru evolutii . 
New Sistem Evolutii La Fierar Legendar. :
Frizuri noi personaliza-te pe server. ! : 
Sistem Emotii in grupa adaugat pentru doritori : . 
Sistem Buffuri automate adaugat: . --> momentan nu sunt puse pe server ca sa le puteti lua .
Luni-Vineri : se pot face ox-uri inlocul altor evenimente.

Pe server avem 2 canal deschis .
De la Hundu-UP luati Skilurile G-P
Hundu-UP -- Puteti schimba colier milionar in 500kk yang.
Hundu-UP -- Puteti lua cu 4 perle rosii grad cavaleresc.
La Tiffiny gasi mapele de crescut pana la 250 

Luni : 20:00 --> Pescuit
Marti : 20:00 --> PvM
Miercuri : 20:00 --> Metine
Joi : 20:00 --> HIDE
Vineri : 20:00 --> PvM
Sambata : 20:00 --> OX
Duminica : 20:00 --> OX
Bonusurile 6/7 nu au rez rase sau tare rase pe server-ul nostru.


Link prezentare:

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

Maximum level: 250
Open Channels: 1/4
ItemShop ! :http://kingwars2.ro/server2/itemshop/
Run the autopatcher to change the client in English I recently added the language is not yet complete but has been resolved during the client is translated bonuses and 100% interface in English! at System Options / System Options you can find something with the Language and a button below that writing on it and choose English

Yang: 1000%
Objects: 1000%
Fierar: 100%

Map of Demonic Forests.
Moon Cave Map: lvl 150 entry.

The Halloween event is active.

Pumpkin Halloween DROP: Marble!
DROP map of woods: Marble.
Halloween Costumes + Hairstyles!

Pet + Mount Halloween add to the drop! .

The map is Tiffiny called Map Halloween 2019!

Halloween Metin Drop:

Halloween pumpkin drops to this meth every x2

For halloween costume M-Black: 1200 Pumpkins.

For M-White Halloween Costume: 1400 Pumpkins.

The rest is up to you to discover.

New moon cave map + UP-URI drops + a new BOSS on the map.

Moon Boss DROP:
Drop 3d weapons.
We have Transmutation on the server system!
Drop up for evolutions!
Metin Crystal: Drop costumes with bonuses.
Join Moon Cave at level 150+!
The maps are:
Tigrammi: 90-120
Taramu Zombilor: 120-150
Taramu Primaverii: 150-200
Mormanto Zeiteii: 200-250
Crhristmas Map: activate lvl 40 entry.
Moon Cave Map: activate lvl 150 entry.

New Update:
Scarves system:
Belt system:
Skin Weapon System:
Smoke system:
3d mde weapons system:
Info Drop Mobi:
HP Bar mobi:
Hp bar Players:
Advanced duel pvp:
Elixirele was added to the store:
Portable Biologist:
Portable Warehouse:
Shop Offline:
Night / Day system:
Portable Ring:
Bonus status:
switchbot implemented:
Save Location:
Search Shop Offline:
4 Inventory implemented:
Automatic information system:
Custom costumes over 70 on the server now:
Inventory system of renamed MDs in Euro .Server.
New Design Map1 .: All.
Transmutation system added:.
Prison system solved and reopened. :
Bug fixes:
Hundu-UP is doing well now.
Functional master with pearls for evolution.
New Evolutionary System At Legendary Iron. :
New hairdressers customize on the server. ! :
Emotions system in the group added for those who wish:.
Automatic Buffets system added:. -> are currently not put on the server so you can get them.
Monday-Friday: you can do ox instead of other events.

On the server we have 2 open channels.
From Hundu-UP take the G-P Skills
Hundu-UP - You can change millionaire necklace in 500kk yang.
Hundu-UP - You can take with 4 chivalrous red pearls.
At Tiffiny you can find maps to grow up to 250

Monday: 8:00 pm -> Fishing
Tuesday: 8:00 pm -> PvM
Wednesday: 8:00 pm -> Metine
Thursday: 8pm -> HIDE
Friday: 8:00 pm -> PvM
Saturday: 8:00 pm -> OX
Sunday: 8:00 pm -> OX
The 6/7 bonuses do not have high or low races on our server.



Link presentation:

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

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