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internacional [BETA] - Hades World -> Online

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Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

For those who want to be updated with all the news.

Or even give us a helping hand to test the project.

Just follow the link below & Join us !


Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.


[EN] -> A brief description of the project -> Hades World.

- Level Max.: 105

- The game mode is Easy, but getting items will be a little more difficult.

- The evolutions are some classics, so that you will not be too attached to their appearance, considering that they will be harder, they will be on the server a variety of costumes, to choose for yourself an aspect that characterizes you.

- In the classic maps, a lot of methine stones were added, which have a low respawn time.

- Classic dungeons are on time, once you enter the dungeon you are directly in front of bosses.

- Gamplay is a diversified one, but at the moment it is not a fixed one, it will change over time.

- The goal is to give you a game as enjoyable, a captivating world, you will hit some weights.

- You will not have to play with friends, if you do not want this, you will succeed by yourself.

- The donors will not be superior to the players, they will also need the help of the players, they will not have special bonuses, they will not be favored and they will only benefit from a more pleasant aspect, and for the players these will be obtained only through various events.

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