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Search Developer for First Internacional Brazilian Server

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Hello community 🙂

I come to present a project idea that can move forward depending on some things.

I have some Brazilian people who want to create the first international Brazilian server ever.

These same people are not programmers or anything like that.

The project idea would be a MiddleSchool server (Aeldra, Rubinum styles, etc.).

Budgets have already been made in several areas and the investment that these Brazilian people have already reached the limit (since it is difficult with the country's situation to be able to buy services in Europe).

So I come to look for the following:

1 developer who wants and wants to join this project. 

That has advanced knowledge, experiences from other projects and feedback from it.

I know it will be hard for someone to accept but try 🙂

Interested to send a private message or discord HellBlazer#0833

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