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1)Drop time

The drop time is calculated in seconds, so we write it seconds.


Way 1)

Open item.h and search for the event

void		StartDestroyEvent(int iSec=300); 

and simple we change it to 120(2 minutes).


Way 2)

You can modify the function to calcute minutes to seconds it's pretty easy just go to file item.cpp


and go to the event:

void CItem::StartDestroyEvent(int iSec)

find this:

SetDestroyEvent(event_create(item_destroy_event, info, PASSES_PER_SEC(iSec)));

and replace with this:

SetDestroyEvent(event_create(item_destroy_event, info, PASSES_PER_SEC(60*iSec)));

if you did this you need to make some changes in char_item.cpp


find this:


and replace to this:


after that find this:


and replace to this:


2)Shop Prices

To change the kingdom prices (if you are blue and go to buy something from red your price will be *3).

Open shop.cpp and find this line:

pack2.items[i].price = item.price * iPriceLift

and replace the iPriceLift with what ever number you want


after that open shopEx.cpp and search for:

dwPrice *= 3;

and replace the 3 with what ever number you want


finally search the

pack_tab.items[i].price = shop_tab.items[i].price * 3;

and replace the 3 with what ever number you want


3)Skillbook time

In the file char_item.cpp


Find this:

SetSkillNextReadTime(dwSkillVnum, get_global_time() + iReadDelay)

Change the iReadDelay to 5 for example and you can read books every 5 seconds :)


If I have free time I will add more things about Source code modification

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