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Graphic Design, Developing, Website Service


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Hi everyone,

I am Martina and I'm here to post my service.

I'm a Graphic Designer, but I teamed up with a Webmaster/Developer in order to extend my service, following what we can offer

Contact me here on metin2zone, or by replying to this post
Graphic Design :

  • Banners,Banner Gif
  • Logos
  • Interfaces (coded or not)
  • Wallpapers (Loading images, login images, etc...)
  • Board and buttons
  • Editing of already existing interfaces
  • Photo retouching
  • Presentations
  • Launchers and autopatchers (coded or not)

Developing service :

  • Custom Systems
  • Editing of already existing systems
  • Interfaces coding
  • Launcher and autopatchers coding
  • Website coding
  • Website script
  • Website SEO
  • Website managing
  • Advanced Quest Systems (Lua)
  • C++ application


And many more!





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