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[Service] List of my systems!

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Hi :)

I'm here for selling my system. I will update constantly this topic to show you my system.
I can create private system too.

My website is: 
Skype Contact: any2one

Block Inventory System


Through this system you can block and unlock the inventory to protect the objects of the players.

Type of Code: C++ / Python

Price: 25 €

  • You can open the GUI through a situated button in the principal interface.
  • The recording of the password doesn't support special characters.
  • You can generate a password of 4 characters through a special button.
  • Passowrd must be of 4 characters.
  • If the recording has happened with success we will receive a message with writing the password just created.
  • If login is not correct, system will show a message
  • With login you can block / unlock your inventorycce8d1fc87744c323bf5789efcc6c5a0.gif
  • When our inventory will be blocked all the items will have an additional description and all the items of the inventory will have a red color
  • When the inventory is blocked it is not possible to make purchases / sell items to NPC | Private Shops
  • It is not possible to do exchange from both the parts when one of the two characters have the block of inventory
  • Unlock of inventory


Rarity System



The system in matter consists of attributing to every object dropped , from Boss or Stone, of the new bonus. The bonuses can be created / changed by a table in the server.

Type of Code: C++ / Python

Price: 50€


  • The probability of exit of the bonus will be:
    1° Bonus: 10% (Configurable)
    If the addition of this bonus will go to good end a further bonus will be added (2° Bonus)
    2° Bonus: 5% (Configurable)
  • The bonus will be chosen in way random among 3 values (least. middle, maximum)
  • In base to the gone out bonuses it will establish him the rarity of the item.




Damage Record System


The system of the Records consist of effecting a damage, through the skills, to a NPC.
The player must effect the damage to the npc of its race therefore if it will go to effect a damage to a NPC different from its race the damage won't be calculated.


Type of Code: C++ / Python

Price: 50€

  • Buff are not allowed. Any type of buff won't be calculated.
  • Any type of stone that will contain bonus won't be calculated.
  • The bonuses of the marriage's item are not counted during the record
  • The bonus of party are not counted during the record
  • The system introduces a separated classification for races


Bonus switcher with Time


You can add time to Bonus Switcher and they will disappear when time expire

Type of Code: C++ / Python

Price: 5€

  • You can switch your item's bonus while the time doesn't expire
  • When time expire the bonus switcher disappear automatically.


CheckPoint System


You can save position of your player. You can put a personalized name for each map!
Type of Code: C++ / Python
Price: 30€

  • You can save the position of the player in any moment.
  • STAFF can block the save of some maps by a fileYou can change the name of map when you want.
  • Map's teleport:
  • 366f68ef083703905c1abe70b8771934.gif

Support Character System


Through this system you can recall your support that will confer you some particular buffs in base to the level of this last

Type of Code: C++ / Python

Price: 70€

  • You can call your support through an item. [There are two types of supporter. Dragon Force Support and Healing Force Support]
  • Through the key 'X' in game the GUI can be opened
  • You can increase the exp of Support killing mob. When support level-up the Int of him increase.
  • It's possible to make to wear a costume or hair to the support. If the costume introduces some bonus, before the insertion, they will automatically be deleted by the system.
  • It's possible to remove the custom or the hair through two objects in game. [Remove Costume / Remove Hair]
  • The slots are unique and it's not possible to insert the costume in the slot of the hair and viceversa.
  • The support, being male, cannot wear female item.
  • When the principal character dies, the Support disappears.
  • 0ec0a20e0bd71fae5ba0b58d902da293.gif


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Justo ahora, Anyone dijo:


Be careful who you sell things to, apparently have posted some serverfiles, I downloaded them and the folder is called "Anyone Service", I do not know if they will be yours, but I'll let you know


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