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Mob info strokes (Webzen Update 17.0)


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Thats could be a great idea for combo boost dmg, thanks girl.


Yeah but also can make more girl.


Just need now to make a function via src client nonplayer.GetStrokeByVid(vid) like this and return the map elements and get value by vid.

	def SetEnemyVID(self, vid):
		stroke = nonplayer.GetStrokeByVid(vid)
		self.strokeText.SetText(localeInfo.NONPLAYER_STROKE_INFO % (stroke))


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Topic was updated check first post, now looks full like official, new functions via python was added also can see strokes on target for each mob.
  • RegisterStroke(targetVID, value)
  • GetStrokeByVid(targetVID)

Debes iniciar sesión para ver el contenido del enlace en esta publicación.

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