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[Python] Register environment based on server time


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def getModule():
	EnvironmentData = {
		# Explanation:
			# 16 - (16:00:00 - 16:59:59)
			# "d:/ymir work/environment/capedragonhead.msenv" - Environment what will be set on this time.
		# You can add how many environments you want.
		4:	"d:/ymir work/environment/metin2_map_n_flame_dragon_01.msenv",
		8:	"d:/ymir work/environment/mtthunder.msenv",
		12:	"d:/ymir work/environment/bayblacksand.msenv",
		16:	"d:/ymir work/environment/capedragonhead.msenv",
		20:	"d:/ymir work/environment/snowm02.msenv",
		22:	"d:/ymir work/environment/trent02.msenv"
	return EnvironmentData # Returns the dict with all items
def getHour():
	return ((app.GetGlobalTimeStamp() / 60) / 60 % 24) # Returns the hour from server timestamp (loaded by TPacketGCTime) 

def Main():
	for key, c_pszName in getModule().iteritems():
		if getHour() is key and app.IsExistFile(c_pszName): # Checks if current hour is equal with index from dict EnvironmentData and it checks if environment exists (file .msenv) in pack.
			background.RegisterEnvironmentData(0, c_pszName) # Set the environment

You can execute the function in two parts for loaded automatically.

File: root/game.py

On function:

  • def OnUpdate(self): - Check every time hour and inserted environment, you should add a break to stop condition after check is true.
  • def Open(self): - Check on every start the client / teleport - Much better optimization.
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