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[C++] last_play updates in real time


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It is for scripts online player or developer php that make connections to the database to achieve something, one who came to me to help him with that worked on a market online and item-shop and no time it was updated in real time and cause them a thousand a problem/bugs.

* author: 		VegaS
* file:			input_login.cpp
* description: 		Time update in real-time table last_play
* date: 		Tuesday, Aug 01 st 2016, 02:44am

//1.) Search:
void CInputLogin::Entergame(LPDESC d, const char * data)

//2.) Add bellow:
* I put this verification level as not to over apply database updates elsewhere for characters that start at
* first on the game that is at level 1, I believe that it is not necessary for a player of that level to have time adapted real-time.
	int pLevel = 5; // To begin initialize of level 5 ++

	if (ch->GetLevel() > pLevel) 
		char pUpdateTime[1024];
		snprintf(pUpdateTime, sizeof(pUpdateTime), "UPDATE player.player SET last_play = NOW() WHERE id = %u", ch->GetPlayerID());
		std::auto_ptr<SQLMsg> sUpdate(DBManager::instance().DirectQuery(pUpdateTime));
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