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[C++] Fix Bug inmune


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Nos dirijimos a Item.cpp 

    DWORD dwImmuneFlag = 0;

    for (int i = 0; i < WEAR_MAX_NUM; ++i)
        if (m_pOwner->GetWear(i))
            SET_BIT(dwImmuneFlag, m_pOwner->GetWear(i)->m_pProto->dwImmuneFlag);


Eso lo reemplazamos por:



DWORD dwImmuneFlag = 0;
    LPITEM item = NULL;

    for (int i = 0; i < WEAR_MAX_NUM; ++i)
        if (item=m_pOwner->GetWear(i))
            if (item->GetImmuneFlag() != 0)
                SET_BIT(dwImmuneFlag, item->GetImmuneFlag());
            if (item->GetAttributeCount() > 0)
                if (item->HasAttr(APPLY_IMMUNE_STUN))
                    SET_BIT(dwImmuneFlag, IMMUNE_STUN);
                if (item->HasAttr(APPLY_IMMUNE_SLOW))
                    SET_BIT(dwImmuneFlag, IMMUNE_SLOW);
                if (item->HasAttr(APPLY_IMMUNE_FALL))
                    SET_BIT(dwImmuneFlag, IMMUNE_FALL);


Creditos: xP3NG3Rx 

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