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[C++] Nivel de Mobs donde el nombre


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Hola. Pues na' que no sabía que los oficiales habían puesto esto, así que hoy decidí hacerlo, y os lo traigo.

Off: Llegan nuevas dungeons al oficial.


Cuando compiléis el binario quedará así:



	@PACI - 03.08.15

	The following changes will allow you to see the Monsters Level
	without clicking on them. Like a normal character, you'll see
	the level before the monster's name.

	Apply these changes on InstanceBaseEffect.cpp (located at InstanceBase).
	Replace your AttachTextTail() function with mine, don't forget to add the include!
#include "PythonNonPlayer.h"

void CInstanceBase::AttachTextTail()
	if (m_isTextTail)
		TraceError("CInstanceBase::AttachTextTail - VID [%d] ALREADY EXIST", GetVirtualID());

	DWORD dwVID=GetVirtualID();

	float fTextTailHeight=IsMountingHorse() ? 110.0f : 10.0f;

	static D3DXCOLOR s_kD3DXClrTextTail=D3DXCOLOR(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f);
	CPythonTextTail::Instance().RegisterCharacterTextTail(m_dwGuildID, dwVID, s_kD3DXClrTextTail, fTextTailHeight);

	if (!m_dwLevel && !IsPC() && !IsNPC() && !IsWarp() && !IsGoto())
		const CPythonNonPlayer::TMobTable * pMobTable = CPythonNonPlayer::Instance().GetTable(GetVirtualNumber());
		if (!pMobTable)
			TraceError("Could not get mob table %d", GetVirtualNumber());

		float fAverageLevel = floor(pMobTable->bLevel+0.5f);
		m_dwLevel = int(fAverageLevel);

	if (m_dwLevel)
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