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Durante el día de hoy pensé en empezar a hacer mi próprio questlib, pero nah que como la pereza es grande, solo hice un par de funciones simples y las vengo a postear.


Empezé haciendo un num2str(num) en el que a cualquier numero que pongamos entre () devolviese su nombre, por ejemplo:


print(num2str(100))-> one hundred
Pero al llegar al millón me aburrí y lo dejé xDDD


--[[ Checks if something is a number.Syntax e.g: 		if is_number(1) then			...]]function is_number(val)	return type(val) == 'number'end--[[ Checks if something is a string.Syntax e.g: 		if is_string('TEST') then			...]]function is_string(str) 	return type(str) == 'string' end--[[ Checks if something is a table.Syntax e.g: 		if is_table({'TEST1','TEST2', 1, 2}) then			...]]function is_table(tab)	return type(tab) == 'table'end--[[ Returns the number of online players.Quest:	when login begin game.set_event_flag('online_players', game.get_event_flag('online_players')+1) end	when logout begin game.set_event_flag('online_players', game.get_event_flag('online_players')-1) end]]function get_online_players()	return game.get_event_flag('online_players')end-- This function reads the line we want from a file.-- Syntax e.g: readline('/game/test.txt', 4) -> reads line 4 from test.txt filefunction readline(path, x)    local linetable = {}    for line in io.lines(path) do        table.insert(linetable, line)    end    return linetable[x]end--[[	This function writes in a file the text we want. To do a change line we must write "[ENTER]".	Syntax e.g: write_in_file('/game/test.txt', 'We are testing[ENTER]write_in_file function.')	--> "We are testing		write_in_line function."--]]function write_in_file(path, text)    if string.find(text, "%[ENTER%]") then        text = string.gsub(text, "%[ENTER%]", "n")    end    local file = io.open(path, 'w')    file:write(text)    file:close()end-- Gets player's empire name-- Syntax e.g: notice_all('A new character has been created in '..get_empire_name()..' kingdom!')function get_empire_name()	return ({'Shinsoo','Chunjo','Jinno'})[pc.get_empire()]end-- Gets player's job name-- Syntax e.g: notice_all('A new '..get_job_name()..' has been created!')function get_job_name()	return ({'Warrior','Ninja','Sura','Shaman'})[pc.get_job()+1]end--[[ Spawns more than one mob wherever we want.Syntax e.g:	local mobspawns = {{8001, 100, 200, 1},{8002, 200, 300, 2}}	multiple_spawn(mobspawns)It will spawn one mob which vnum is 8001 in (100,200) coordinates and it'll spawn 2 mobs which vnum is 8002 in (200,300)]]function multiple_spawn(array)	for i = 1, table.getn(array) do		mob.spawn(array[i][1], array[i][2], array[i][3], array[i][4])	endend-- Converts a string to a number. If a string cannot be converted, it returns 0.function str2num(str)	return tonumber(str) or 0end-- Converts a number into a string.function num2str(num)	return tostring(num)end
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