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Found 3 results

  1. WEBSITE | DISCORD In this presentation there are only the news of the Glory Speed server. The complete presentation is attached at the end of the topic. Full presentation of the server TEAM MEMBER CONTACT: Destiny#0704
  2. Hello guys i want to sell my serverfiles + Src the files are based on Newschool files include Client Game, Mysql Client/serversource Include systems; Alignment RGB Offlineshop Archievementsystem Ingame itemshop Sash Petsystem Transmutation ofc switchbot Saved Position Gui Warp Gui Special inventory Shops/Mounts/Pets Hide 7/8/9 Passiv bonus Multilanguage (HU,EN,DE,TR,PL,CZ,ES,IT,PT,RO Battle Pass Weekly Reward Equipment CHanger Polymorph Gui Bonusboard nothing special. Fortune Wheel Dungeons Process Monster exp done Upp process done all drops drone Levelmaps / exp done Some Pictures i have more just write me Inventory Teleport Special Inventory Itemshop Bonusboard Saved Position Polymorph shop GM Chat pick up align bonus Worldboss Refinment Target information Boss hunting metin hunting Monster hunting for more information write me a PM price wil be handled in Privare chat good day Discord INVISBLE#4861
  3. I am in a 1 server newschool project Brazilian and the project owner and I are walking around some former newschool server who wanted to partner with our project. We are looking for someone áreas Designer Webdeveloper Partner with share someone content ( Maps etc) 3D Creator Mapper Design :Jobs we will need is normal: Web site Forum Interfaces Presentation Background images etc Webdeveloper Code website and forum Partner Share someone content will need like someone pvm Maps etc 3D Creator Create someone costumes edits and another works Mapper Create someone special Maps for events pvp and someone Maps pvm I know it will be hard to find people who want to help 1 Brazilian project and the existing financial resources in Brazil can not hire people in these specific areas. But if you don't try to ask us we never know if anyone helps because in Brazil dont have People working in this áreas i tell. I can say that we want to create a well-structured server with interesting ideas, etc. I can say that the Brazilian market has many servers but the diversity of styles is very low quality. Most servers are almost copies of each other and do not work at what they should. If anyone wants to help in the areas I mentioned above we would be very grateful.
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