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  1. noone cares noone helps nice job facebook team good job Zuckerberg #fuckmylife
  2. I understand that you don't have time to help me finding clients and files due to your lack of understanding my points but somehow... I tought it was a helping society I'm not bitching about making a server yet. I'm only asking for items that might could help ON OTHER'S PROJECTS or on my projects... why the hell can't anyone help me? Even I showed up money and noone gave a sign? Does anyone knows how annoying and degrading to post on every forums and getting 0 help from others?
  3. I give up thanks for your positivity and for your help. whatever...
  4. $till nothing more then few old swords and bows but unluckily not these weapons... [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  5. There's no fucking way that I'm gonna pay more than 1$...
  6. yEaH YuSt IgNoRe ThE FaCt tHaT ItS a MoN$tEr this is my accurate reaction of seeing ppl reuploading a mob as an armor/costume...
  7. I am basically aware that I am a hopeless case, but we are looking for these things in at least 12 forums with ourselves
  8. just throw him money and explain that shit is not worth it Even metin2yoneis's client has better stuff in it even if you can't fkn download ever that stuff...LOL
  9. can you check if there's a crc problem in the rar library?
  10. seeing these serverfiles makes me wondering why the F are we here and what the fuck should we update?
  11. has anyone got a client with these textures?
  12. can you check if there's a crc problem in the rar library?
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