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  1. Hello to everyone, This is an important message. Only 6 days have passed from the start of our game and we know we haven't had a smooth start, some people left because of some stability issues or just because the gameplay was not what they was used to play. We trust in our project, in the work we do every day, literally every day, and in all the people who believe in us. So we are here, with 6 days on the shoulders, with a new presentation and a stable and reliable server, ready to play in the most smooth way. Another important thing, we have created the official hashtag of the server, #Vote4NewLife, log into our website and get your boost every day with just one click. Check our new presentation in the first post. We are always here, for our community. We keep pushing.
  2. 24 hours from now! (23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds ... 58 ... 57 ... 56 ... 55 ...) NewLife Metin2 will start tomorrow at 16:00 GMT+1!
  3. Rates are low, but the early-game is relatively fast then gradually becoming harder.
  4. Don't go to sleep early tonight because the registration will be opened at 00:00 GMT + 1! We're coming. www.newlifemetin2.com
  5. www.newlifemetin2.com Join our Discord ⮧ NewLife Metin2 - Discord Official Launch ⮧ 15.03.2020 Game detected as "threat"? It's not a virus, It's a false-positive. Check our guide ⮧ How to solve autopatcher problems Support us with our banner ⮧
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