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  1. WoM2 Development Plan - Q1 of 2020 We want to start this year on the right and come with some improvements. A plan for the first quarter of the year was drafted and you might be curious about it. The main thing for this period is to focus the newcomers but not necessarily stoping here. You can read more about it: [Hidden Content]
  2. Dear players,From today Dec 28th 18:00 CET until 4th of Jan 2020 18:00 CET (17:00 GMT) while killing monsters within your level range you might find some of the lottery tickets, each with an unique number of fortune. Keep these tickets until the event finishes on. Once that happens, we will announce the 20 lucky numbers.Rewards:- First 10 winners get 100 DC + 10MC- Next 5, from 11th-15th places get 10h Pet Seal, type by winner's choice- Last 5, from 16th-20th places get Enchanted Amulet [Hidden Content]
  3. It's good to have new clothes on the New Year's Eve. It's a well known thing. That's why we thought it's a good idea to present our new Penumbral Costumes and also our little Sir Oswald . They'll be available for a limited time only so make sure you get them NOW! P.s.1: Think it as a good investition either, the price always get's higher in time . P.s.2: We will also have a package where you can buy everything much cheaper!
  4. Christmas EventChristmas event is ON, ok, but where are those cool costumes and pets?WoM3 | ItemShopThese weeks will be full of surprises for you because this is not everything you'll get.Except the cool things we already added and the reworked tombola, we will split everything in 3 phases:- Phase 1 - Today: Adding the Christmas costumes, PvM boosters (Lollipop, Amulet, companions) and many other things!- Phase 2 - Friday (20-12): Some new things will be added, just keep an eye on IS!- Phase 3 - (24 and 25 December): Our Christmas gift for you! That being said, we wish you some wonderful weeks here, with us! [Hidden Content]
  5. Ho Ho H .. * cough * * cough * Ho!Christmas is almost here guys! Lights are up, good food smells, we are just missing some snow and a festive event!Let's have both then! Christmas Stockings Any of you remember the last time you collected Stockings to place them on your Christmas Tree ? Now it's the time to do it again!Monsters will be dropping Christmas Stockings . Collect as much as you can, so you can exchange them for a Fancy Gift Box on the Christmas Tree ! Octavio's Christmas Cookie Craze Gordon Rams ... I mean, Octavio's Christmas Cookies are back! The best cook in the Johwan Continent is eager to prepare delicious sweets! But ... His recipe has been stolen!Retrieve Stolen Baking Recipes from my monster and get enough ingredients to bake your own Christmas cookies , Octavio will make sure you have the rest you need!Make use of our interactive minigame! You may burn your cookies! Gifts That's right guys, when the Christmas is coming! Christmas Spirit, if you gift others, you might get a gift in exchange as well! And ... it's fun!You are free to get Fancy Gift and Gift Bundle from the Item Mall. Using the game, you will deliver random gifts to any of the online players! But hold on a minute!Being kind enough to point you to save yourself!Christmas Event will officially start on Monday, 16th of December and last until the 3rd of January !With love,The WoM Team![Hidden Content]
  6. Dear players, Following the first part of the Into the Depths update on v6.0, we are, finally, prepared to launch the next step. The Deungsan Peaks A quiet mountain range connecting the Deungsan region to the coastline up north. While once a quiet place inhabited by farmers and animals, a mysterious tower-like structure hidden within the mountains has brought an immense onslaught of demons and mutated animals with it. The Deungsan Peaks are a new high level end game map accessible, from the Deceitful Forest, after clearing all of the expeditions taken there. Unlike the Deceitful Forest, the Peaks are not a Hazardous Area, though should you prepare for the battles there! Mining The Deungsan Peaks are known to be a zone rich of veins. However, differently than we are all used to, the ores gathered from veins are the source for crafting upgrade materials, strongly necessary to refine your equipment. Seek for Veins of Titanium Ore and Veins of Coarse Rock and, once done, visit the Journeying Merchant so that he goes forth the transformation process. Equipment New gear for you to acquire is available once again. Defeat the enemies within the Deungsan Peaks to get ownership of the Peaks set. But it's not ending there! Seon-Pyeong seems to have discovered a new way to upgrade your Dark Dragon artillery into Enigmatic weapons! Pay him a visit and get to know what do you need to improve your strength and combat skills, in order to survive the fierce fights approaching. Missions Help the wanderers of this area and get well paid for the job. The pain these poor people suffer due to the darkness grown in the mountains is unbelievable. Meet them, lend them a hand, and prove your skill. The update is scheduled to run on Thursday, 12nd of December of 2019, but could be delayed until Saturday, 14th of December of 2019, if necessary. Best regards, The WoM Team. [Hidden Content]
  7. Dear Players, As a follow up on our great deals during Black Friday here it comes Cyber Monday! :party: Starting on December 1st at 23:59 PM CET until the December 2nd at 23:59 PM CET (whole Monday) any purchase of dragon coins will be rewarded with +20% Bonus DC ! One more chance to grab some goodies for yourself (and your loved ones) during this event! [Hidden Content] Good luck and have fun! The WoM Team
  8. Dear Players! Black Friday is already full of deals world wide, and so, to support this tradition we prepared a DC Sale for you! Every Dragon Coins purchase made from Thursday, Nov 28th 23:59 CET until Friday, Nov 29th 23:59 CET will be rewarded with +30% extra DC! Grab this unique chance to save some $ P.S. Our ItemShop will also have some other juicy surprises! Stay tuned! [Hidden Content] Enjoy, good luck and happy shopping! The WoM Team
  9. Dear players, with the next update we will be rolling out the first part of the "Into the Depths" expansion to the game, which will include the following new content: New Map: The Deceitful Forest Accessible from Lv100, this treacherous forest is suffering from a curse laid by the Queen of Insanity, named Alraune. It's our first instance of a new map-dungeon hybrid concept called "Hazardous Areas". Similar to Nemere, you are placed on a time limit (in this case of 1 hour, this may change in a future update) once you enter and certain quests might require you to get the job done in a single visit. Once your timer hits low you have to leave the area to let it recharge. In it you'll find new danger, new challenges but also new loot to make yours. Advanced Horse Training Hazardous areas are not suitable for mere mortal horses and pets, as such they can not be summoned inside a hazardous area. You must train your horse to become as gods with the Kirin Level Horse Training up to Lv30. At Lv30 your horse will ascend to Kirin Form, get a powerful new look and most importantly gain the ability to be summoned inside a hazardous area. To train your horse to Kirin Level you will need to combine Kirin Shards obtained from DD metins with horse medals to produce an Advanced Horse Medal. Speak with the stable boy to obtain further details on the Kirin Level Horse Training. New Passive Skill: Resurrection Hazardous areas are even more treacherous in that should you fall in battle, you will be penalized with some time lost before the curse forces you out. In order to help you survive in the new environment, Uriel has uncovered the secret art of Resurrection. With it you may revive a fallen other player and avoid the penalty of time lost in the area. New books are obtainable for this passive skill to increase its restoration effect and shorten its cooldown. In addition The level cap has been increased to Lv110 Many new items and materials have been implemented New quests, including Expeditions, a new type of quest, have been added Expeditions are quests inside Hazardous Areas that have to be completed in a single visit of the Hazardous Area NPCs that can walk now have a restriction on how far they can walk from their point of origin, therefore, Shabby will no longer try to find the Lost Pony in your stead. (among some others) As this update features a lot of new base systems, we will be rolling out the other standard features of the maps over time so we can make sure the servers can handle the stress. These are a list of features that will be made available in future parts of the 'Into the Depths' update: Slotting ores into new accessories Obtaining the new pearl equivalents Treasure Hunts Chaos Metins Private Shops Not related to the expansion itself, but changes on this system are also coming along with it. The whole concept of Offline Time has been totally reworked, and now functions as follows: The online decay introduced on a previous update is gone Offline time is no longer refilled by the total activity time gained on a day Consumption of offline time is now accurate Which means 1h offline irl corresponds to 1h offline time consumed A grace period exists to identify whether the player logout was or not intended, so the countdown does not start right away The visual representation of offline time in the UI is now in pair with the current values of offline time the shop has Maximum offline time you can gain per activity is of 3h with Season Pass, 1h and 30min without Meaning you can gain up to 12h a day of offline time if you do all of the activities Normal farming (monsters, stones, bosses) Normal PvP Guild Wars PvP Mining / Fishing Maximum offline time a shop can have in total is 16h, without counting Premium Time The update is scheduled to run on Thursday, 7th of November 2019, but could be delayed until Friday, 8th of November of 2019, if necessary. Best regards,
  10. - Exp. rate increased - Drop rate increased - Yin drop rate increasead - Offline shop rate (time) increased - Double the amount of coins you get trough voting - 50% cheaper coins
  11. We added enchanted amulet ,lolipop, cerberus mount and many costumes to IS. Thats why we are starting a new Happy Hour now until 28.10 12.00 CEST. Code is KVF-109
  12. Fear players! Wait... I heard this line before... Anyway! Halloween knocks our doors in WoM, so you better beware of what's coming! This year's Halloween Event starts on the 25th of October and ends on the 3rd of November. For starters, Johwa City has been given a sinister style and apparently several Metin Stones have transformed into... Pumpkins? Well, in any case, participate in the event and allow yourself to be fed by various kind of rewards and activities that will definitely keep you busy! It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking from the dark. Pumpkin Heads will spawn on the villages and all the neutral maps and it's of your duty to chase them before they escape. Interact with them in order to know what Halloween saved for you. Will it be a juicy reward, or a malevolent...? Nevermind, I'm talking too much. Make space in your inventory! During the first phase of the event, lasting 6 days, and as long as your level is at least 20, you will be able to drop Magic Wands from any monster, and Pumpkins from Metin Stones and Bosses. Collect 2 Magic Wands and 1 Pumpkin to receive a Halloween Box from Jack O' Lantern, located in Johwa City. The Halloween Box contains several goodies you may find useful for your journey. On the last day of the event, Jack O' Lantern will allow you to exchange Magic Wands for Pumpkins, and vice versa. Moreover, while the event is still on going you will be able to enjoy of extra loot from Metin Stones! Get yourself full of changers, upgrade materials, alchemy items, and many, many more! It's time to clean up your closet! That's right everyone! It wouldn't be Halloween if no costumes were involved. Pumpkin Heads, Halloween Boxes and even our Item Mall do save some sealed within their magic. Tame the Hellhound! Cerberus, a demon dog, arises from the netherworld. Only the fearless may attempt to domesticate it and train it as their own pet. Legend says it disappears as soon as Halloween ends, though! Meet the Mysterious Lady! The purple lady has evil intentions this Halloween. Find her in the village to check what she has to offer. Is it a trick or a treat? Some more special and tiny additions are included to complement this event, yet they are for you to discover! We really look forward for everyone to enjoy this event! The WoM Team wishes you all a Happy Halloween!
  13. Queridos jugadores. La actualización de hoy es relativamente grande. Como siempre, pueden haber correcciones o mejoras a lo largo de los dias pero estamos aquí para poder lanzar oflicialmente la primera versión del Translation System. Este sistema es gigante. Por lo tanto, hicimos todo lo posible en testear y que todo funcionase correctamente. Sin embargo, como hemos dicho antes, es la primera versión y necesita mejoras, correcciones, cambios y muchas más cosas para llevarlo al 100%. Todo esto somos optimistas de que será rápido con vuestra ayuda. Correcciones El cielo de Tierra de Fuego ya no es negrizo. Se han corregido distintos puntos de spawn de metines en el Bosque fantasma. Mejoras La misión "Journal of the Witch" ha sido modificada para corregir algunos fallos en su texto Algunos items de mision se han ligado al personaje para poder terminar la misión. Ya no se pueden vender items con 4 bonus en los NPC El tiempo de respawn de la Reina araña se ha reducido en el primer nivel de la dungeon Erebus y los Lord's Minions ya no tiran bombas de yang. Modificaciones en el drop y loot Metin de Pride (Chaos) -> Se ha añadido Blacksmith Ingeniuty como posible drop Mision lvl 90 del biologo Jefe Orco, Lider fantasma, Tigre amarillo, Reina araña, Tortuga gigante, Rey llama y 9 colas ya no dan las Notas de la mision. Ahora pueden ser conseguidas de Arges, Lemures Royal, Bone face, General Kappa, Rakshasa y Gargoyle El tigre amarillo y el 9 colas ya no dan la Soul Stone de la mision de lvl 90. Ahora pueden ser conseguidas del Aqua Dragon, Azrael, Elite Martyaxwar, Elite King Crab, Elite King Wobba y Elite Lemures Prince Cofre del Aqua Dragon Se ha aumentado el drop de garras y escamas Cofre del Reaper Armas y armaduras ahora a +4. Se ha mejorado el drop de Hermit's Advice, Exorcism Scroll y Bonus changer Cofre de Azrael Se ha reducido la cantidad de Spirited Silver Ore Se ha mejorado el drop de Firm Soul Crystal Piece Cofre de Glacier's Treasure Se ha reducido la posibilidad de Knight's Horn Se ha añadido Time elixir (L) y Antique Cor draconis en el drop Las misiones de caza ahora muestran distintas localizaciones de donde se encuentran los monstruos a matar. Solo se aplica si el personaje está en el mismo mapa donde el monstruo y si ese sitio tiene un mapa suficientemente grande. Implemetación del Sistema de Traducción Los textos de misiones ahora renderizan instantaneamente. Traduce los nombres de los monstruos y de los NPCs Traduce misiones y interacciones entre el usuario y los NPCs/Items Traduce mensajes en las dungeons Solo está disponible el Rumano por ahora. Y esto es todo por hoy! Como ya habíamos dicho antes, esperamos encontrar pequeños errores con el sistema de traducción, no dudéis en reportar los errores para así mejorarlo al 100% cuanto antes. Saludos cordiales, El equipo de WoM.
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