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  1. Hello everyone, My name is Andrew, I am of German nationality and today I want to present you a future Metin2 server. For starters I want to let you know that the server will open in August or September, we do not know an exact day. The server is in Search of the team but also of the promoters, on our discord server the terms and conditions of collaboration are displayed. What the server currently has either now added or will be added over time, everything we add here is checked and works perfectly. Previews ingame : Wikipedia system : [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Blessing System: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] System boss Rolls : [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Talisman System : [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] System Alchemy : [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] System skills L : [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Pasive skills [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] And more : Launcher update Direct x9 update Instant scale system Premium private shop and search Oficial system pet System 6 & 7 Skills 6, 7 and 8 System change Alchemy Bonus System battlepass System new switch bot System elemental spell System stone change-add and transfer System mulți refine And more !!! Let's not forget that we use all possible protections to block all illegal players @everyone Hello and welcome everyone! We are going to have a release in ***August or September***. (Will not mention the day yet) Before anything else we have to gather the community and players, as everyone does. Feel free to use the chat-rooms, I'll be here for your answers as much as I can. Useful links: Official Discord - [Hidden Content] (Perm. Link) Website - ***Soon*** Board - ***Soon*** Instagram - ***Soon*** Facebook - ***Soon*** If you are a promoter, come in and see the terms and conditions and maybe we will collaborate for a fee, of course. Later tonight or tomorrow there will be previews. Thank you! With love, Emerald2 Team
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