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  1. We are extremely happy that the server is growing and growing, we are looking forward to meet everyone out there on Age of Menor! Grab your chance to start AoM on a wonderful Sunday afternoon! *Spoiler* Weapon Costume System concept soon to be announced!
  2. UP! We need more users of your country! Join us today - today first OX competetion! We have 10 languages available in the game (FULL)! Join our Discord: [Hidden Content]
  3. Hello dear users! Age of Menor is relaunching on the 30th of August 2019. We are relaunching because we starting international with full 10 langauges (EN/DE/TR/PL/RO/CZ/ES/HU/IT/PT). Be part of our server and experience an amazing game concept. We developed a lot of updates for this relaunch, the main reason is still that we want to go international - "real international" and not only English! We already contacted and contracted with a lot of promoters, this will be a great journey this time! We are sorry for the users who lost the 10 days gaming time but still you sacrificed this to have a long-living Age of Menor! We hope to see many users of your country! Please join in our Coins Raffle, look into the first post! PS: We will offer payment options worldwide and also hacks (like hidden, mobonclick, lalaker wait/prodmg etc.) are fixed!
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