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  1. Okay you have fully described your situation, you have broken the rules and you have created only flame in my post now you can also shut up thanks. I hope that now that you have said all this nonsense you are happy, celebrate. Sorry for the off topic created, you will soon receive news.
  2. The principle is always the same, slandering others to harm them. My friend with me you can invent whatever you want but I have been offering this service for 10 years and you are one of the few to give all this annoyance. Rest assured that I don't get rich by working by offering products for a game, you're off the road good day friend
  3. Don't worry, you will also be ignored by me here. I hate when you do this only to harm others. Did you say your experience? Well now you can be more serene, you can say anything you want on my account fortunately the rest of my customers are satisfied with how I behave, if I have not answered you any more there will be some reason, who is intelligent will understand it Closed this speech I intend to announce to everyone that the new version of the patcher is completed, a free trial version will be available soon. The protections were updated in early 2020.
  4. 1) You will be reported for posting private chats without my consent; 2) You purchased the protections in 2018 and you no longer received assistance because I had already told you how you had to fix the hack at that time; 3) In my private message here on skype I wrote that I have the new revision (which I would have given to those who bought the protections) 4) You don't find them free (avoid saying untrue things) 5) I do not offer assistance on your files, I offer assistance only on my products. Have a nice day.
  5. #CloseThread Service Online! Link: [Hidden Content] Mail: [email protected] Skype: gherusio.powa
  6. Hi guys are here to offer my advanced client protection service. I sell various protection packages, fixes of any injection, fix engine, fix macros, fix bots and especially the final fix for any use of hack damage. WEBSITE: [Hidden Content] Advanced Control Protection [New Version 3.0] #Hack Protection# Fix Final Damage Hack; Fix Hack Damage Lalacker1; Fix Hack Damage M2Bob; Fix .dll injection; Fix .py injection; Fix Universal Decrypter; Block File .mix, .asi, .m3d, .py, .dll. [Test Lalacker1 Pro Damage] [Test Injection Client] °*********************************************************° #Archives Protection# Change of keys and algorithms launcher; Change Index name; Change name root; Change extensions archives; [+]Insert Start Argument. [Hidden Content]protezioni-client/ Autopatcher Checking files in hash; Hash list on the web; Download of updates with total and partial download, speed control, checking missing files; Start launcher with argument (if required); Software to generate hashes; Total obfuscation of the code; Graphics Standard Like Official (editable from the web); Customizable graphics/functions. [Hidden Content] Visit my website, you can find interesting services and products. Payment Method: The payment method used for these products is PayPal. Skype: gherusio.powa Email: [email protected] Site: [Hidden Content]
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