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  1. Haha, el coche del dios dragón es en realidad un video de una canción, uno muy genial, yo diría. Debo admitir que tienes un buen espíritu de observación . P.S.: Muchas gracias!
  2. Hello guys, We all know that landing pages are usually a great piece of visual impact for your website. Also, everyone has their own opinion about it, but for me, it's a great way to impress your players, the boom boom pow wow in their eyes and all that, your website will become unique, nicer and much more user-friendly than it was before. If I haven't convinced you yet, let me show you some visual. And, of course, the features of this release: Title: None; Preview: [Hidden Content] PSD Design: K1NGARTZ ([Hidden Content]) Features: - Clean code, fast loading - Responsive (compatible for all devices) - Bootstrap and Media Queries - Javascript libraries and animation added to the social buttons - Hover effect made with JS+CSS in order to avoid any complications - Small guide included for those who do not understand the HTML/CSS part (how to change the default youtube video, social icons animations etc.) - Image quality: Full HD, thanks to the smart object feature (PS) - Free logo included (if necessary) - designed specifically for your server + support in adding it to the website (responsive, as well) - .psd file included Price: We can discuss it in private Payment methods: PayPal and Bank only (EUR/RON) Contact details: Skype: alexandru.iulian46 Discord: Ankhed ☥#8947
  3. Introduction: Hello, everyone! My name is Alex, 22 yrs old and I've been working with Photoshop since I was 16. There's no doubt in that it became one of my passions besides programming languages. I will "sell" my services to you, if you need my help and you enjoy my taste (when it comes to editing skills, of course). I've always thought that when a person wants to start his/her own "business", he/she needs a lot of resources to attract customers. One of the most important resource includes the aspect of the business itself (the design), which represents the "cover" of the company. Here's a Metin2 community, so the business that I talked about earlier is related to Metin2. If an owner wants to stand out in front of the others (because, let's be honest, there are plenty of new servers and people don't know what to choose) he needs to be creative in order to attract people's attention. What can be more creative than a nice look of the game? Don't get easely fooled by the lowest prices on the internet. If you really want some good stuff, I strongly recommend not to pay attention to the "ghost designers" just because you can afford their work. It's wrong. There are a lot of talented designers besides me, just choose one and give some color to your work (quality color). [Hidden Content] Server presentation: Header + Banner: Autopatcher: Autopatcher for SALE (10 E): Event Banners: Offers + minimum price (euro): Server presentation (Minimum price: 10 E / Maximum price:30 E) Site Background (MIN Price: 10 E / MAX Price: 30 E) Site Index (MIN Price: 10 E / MAX Price: 30 E) Banners/Sliders MIN Price: 5 E/3 E / MAX Price: 15 E/ 10 E) Autopatcher Design (MIN Price: 10 E / MAX Price: 30 E) Log-in image (MIN Price: 5 E / MAX Price: 20 E) Loading image (MIN Price: 5 E / MAX Price: 15 E) Forum Rank Buttons (MIN Price: 1 E per. button / MAX Price: 2 E / button) Payment methods: PayPall Paysafe Bank Transfer E-Mail: [email protected] Skype: alexandru.iulian46 Whatsapp: Private
  4. Price added! About the "Play" button, I can re-edit it anytime, no prob.
  5. Hello, there! My name is Alex and today I'm gonna show you a new amazing design for Metin2 launcher, made by me. This is one of my three unreleased themes (yet), and I called it "Hell-World" because of its components and colors which are related to "Hell", of course. It's not that complex, as you can see, but simple is better, especially when it looks very good. If you are interested, please, contact me on skype: alexandru.iulian46 or leave a reply. Also, I'm really interested in your opinion about this! Link: [Hidden Content] NOTES: - JUST THE .PSD FILE AND ITS COMPONENTS - I will sell it to ONLY one person, so if you really like it and want it to represent your server's "portal", then act fast. - The logo is default, I can replace it with your own or another one. At this moment I'm working on a new theme "Deadly Forest". Stay tuned! Also, if you enjoy my work and my style, don't hesitate to contact me on Skype: alexandru.iulian46 Here's my portofolio: [Hidden Content] PRICE: 15 EURO
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