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  1. Introduction Hey, the new InGame Itemshop with Render Target System is finally officially available! It was completely implemented in Python, Lua and a little C++. So you need the Client Source for the Render Target System. Also you can use the render target system in the whole client after the installation. I don't charge any money for the rendering target system, because it is public. However, it was extended by me by a few functions. All settings of the shop run over the tables in the database. Overview of database tables Why still Lua and not directly c++? My knowledge in C++ is not yet made for such a project. Therefore I stay with what I know and feel safe. So I can give you the best support you deserve. Of course the player doesn't feel any difference. The cache system in the client loads the shop to be opened and fetches new data only if something has changed. The system Shop selection The shop selection opens after a click on the coin or via the ESC menu item "Item-Shop". It offers the possibility to display as many banners as you like, as well as an overview of the available shops on the server. Preview Shop Because any number of shops can be created and these can also contain different currencies, there are many possible applications. For example, an item shop, vote shop or an achievement shop can be created. The players can spend their vote-coins by voting for your server in the Voteshop or spend their hard-earned Achievement Points, by reaching Achievements in the game, in the Achievementshop. The possibilities here are unlimited! Buy Coins A URL can be deposited, which opens via the button "Buy currency", in the ingame browser. This can be a URL to a website where you can sell your coins. Render Target System The Render Target System shows your current character. This can be equipped by the items in the shop. In addition, mounts and pets can also be displayed here to give a small preview of what you get for your purchase! Startpage The home page consists of three rows: New items (adjustable) Here is an overview of new items added to the shop Offers (automatic) Here is an overview of the reduced items from the shop Recommended (adjustable) Here is an overview of recommended items from the shop Categories Any number of items can be added to the categories. You can also assign different colors to the Text category. Preview Startpage Category Preview video [Hidden Content] It's because of the recording that the video is a little stuttering. Are you interested or do you have further questions? Then just write me here in the forum or: on Skype: live:professorente on Discord: ProfessorEnte#4407
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