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  1. Updated Topic with Error Log and Functions.php Pastebin Bump Fixed. -Removed break; from functions.php or just replace it with return false; -Check your PHP if it's 5.6
  2. Hi, I understand Spanish but when I write it's very poorly. Please forgive me for using English in this Spanish forum. I am using this website: And I'm almost positive that I have used it in the past but I don't understand what I am doing wrong. I have uploaded all the .SQL to account without any error... I uploaded the website files to my web host... but I get an HTTP ERROR 500 when I search my link. I edited the configure.php with my server IP, MySQL id and password. I have also changed the URL to mine... I'm kinda lost here... Any help is welcome, WEB Development is not my strongest attribute. "ERROR LOG" Fatal error: 'break' not in the 'loop' or 'switch' context in /home/paradox/metin2paradox.com/public_html/app/include/functions.php on line 640 https://pastebin.com/7wRKjmMf
  3. Last time i checked these they had more bugs than fixed stuff
  4. That is just useles... You are using a known id database and trying to find the password?
  5. Damn bro those prices suck ahahahah... You can get the cheapest one at 2,5€ but with 20gb ssd
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