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  1. [Service] List of my systems!

    I mean, i'm thinking on buying your Support Character System. At least answer me.
  2. [Aporte] Title System (Professional Titles)

    can you give me this board's link?
  3. [Service] List of my systems!

    Can you make the costume/hair stay in the slots? Like the normal costume system, drag in/drag out.
  4. Anper2- Face Oficial.

    Mega's dead, upload it.
  5. Don't start what you can't start. You talk about bringing back the longju's times/feelings but you have all those systems + LYCAN. All i see here is another server, like the other ones. Stay away from the italian legend. You shouldn't even take the name. Anyway, don't get me wrong it's my opinion and i'm sure going to test it. Best of luck.
  6. [Files] Kanatsana + Source +Binario

    Anyone tested? If so, does the alchemy works nicely?
  7. [Release] game.mob_spawn_map

    Thanks I was looking for this.
  8. Nueva login interface by yekta

    I don't know why but it says that the channel is off when it's not. Edit: Fixed.
  9. Block Items System

    Edit: nevermind. If i click ESC it changes my password without typing the Email.
  10. file game 2089 viejo proyecto

    adf.ly links shouldn't be alowed, it's annoying.
  11. [SF Maxmi 4.1]

  12. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adfly-skipper-%E2%98%85working%E2%98%85/obnfifcganohemahpomajbhocfkdgmjb?hl=pt-PT
  13. http://mega.co.nz/#!RZsHFKTJ!TpZPeM2kWjRLRBx5pfX9M8IRQ3bGI0EeRzVmNFGZHpA