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  1. If you think thats the right thing to do no problem. On Metin2Dev they already take care of it.
  2. Srsly are you kidding me or you dont know anything about pc and granny files? FIRST LINE IS FILE WHERE I UNPACK THE EPK/EIX then ofcourse it will show galag, i unpack your file to show you that using my model... And ofcourse its just the computer name... What you want? An file saying this file was been generated by Metin2 Essential in the rule of bla bla bla?
  3. Ok, here is a new version of those models with my logo. Like you should know i cant edit the gr2 if i havent the source of it (the .max file) Open any of those model and take a look on SOURCE FILE where you will see the name of my partner Ylenia.
  4. Well anyway, they are made by me. Then from where you take doesnt matter, just dont want you put it here.
  5. Algun adm o mod por favor revisa y remuevam. Esta publicado sin mi autorizacion. Hi, could you delete it please? I didnt give you any autorizathion to make this stuff public.
  6. Si gracias por la dica de reportar, ya lo habia hecho, a ver cuando revisan.
  7. Solo falto el credito a Akesha y a Metin2 Essential. Que somos los que adaptamos y sacamos estas armaduras a nuestro server. #removerequest
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