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  1. Changes to Bonuses and Skills General The bonus "Vs Zombie" has become now " Vs Nature". Added the bonus "Vs Metin". Added the bonus "Vs Boss". Added the Skill "God Antasya Magic". Added the Skill "God Antasya Luck". Changed some characters skills NB:The bonuses "Vs Metin" and "Vs Boss" will not be presented in the normal equipment, just in few pieces. Abilità Modificate (All the value are calculate at P) Body Warrior - 6th Skill: +10% Crit Chance Mental Warrior - 6th Skill: +Posioning Chance Body Ninja - 6th Skill: +Slowing Chance Archer Ninja -6th Skill: +10% Penetration Chance - Feather Walk: +5% Life Steal Healing Shaman - Attack Up: +5% Vs Metin Dragon Shaman -Reflect: +5% Vs Boss Weaponry Sura - Enchanted Blade: +10.5% Life Steal NB:The maximum value for this ability possibly gained in game is 12%, the ability got NERFED for 1.5% Black Magic Sura - Dark Protecion: +10% Vs Metin - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - We are working on the 3D graphic aswell and we have created this Monument: Antasya Monument: What do you think?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm sorry if I didn't keep you updated but the team was in Holidays so we didn't work on the project, from today we will start again to work. Thank you for the support. Antasya2 Team.
  3. I don't think this will affect that much the game experience. You will need like 3 seconds (or less) to click verify (if you'r truly behind the computer). Anyway we will put this system in particular maps where it will be more usefull
  4. Anti-Bot system The system was suggested by luca5997, user in another community that I thank a lot for this Idea. Every x minutes that can be 10 or 60 or more (is random) will pop-up as in the screen a window that will ask to verify that you are playing effectively and that you aren't a bot. The window will appear randomly in all the game screen as it will be more difficult to bypass the confirmation. When the window will appear the character will stop to attack and to do damage (but we will test this out to see if is ok or we need to mody it) The system will be under observation and testing as we need to see if it will affect your game experience. We understand exactly the needs of the players so we already know what part of the game this system will affect like for example: - While doing a boss and will appear the window if the character stop damaging the boss this can affect negatively your game experience. - While doing some particular quests that have a timer, this system can make you fail them. Obviusly, if there is a real plaer behind the computer it will take 1 second to see the pop-up and less than 3 seconds to verify it but we think about every ting and we care a lot for our players. Antasya2 - Staff
  5. Talismans The Talismans are a new accessory that you can use and will grant you a elemental bonus. To the Talismans you can add 5 bonus, and you can switch them too but you can't add any stone or mineral. They will have 200 upgrades, but to be effective they should be at least +1. The Talismans can be obtained by everyone from a high level quest called "Choose your Element", that will permit yo choose one of the following talismans: Fire Talisman Ice Talisman Dark Talisman Earth Talisman Wind Talisman when you will choose it you will get it +0 and can't be used any other element. You can trade/sell/upgrade/use. When you will equip your Talisman, this symbol will appear next to your character name (In this case we have equpied an Earth Talisman.). A list with all the symbols: Fire Ice Dark Earth Wind this symbol can be seen next to some monsters name. Talisman Upgrade The Talisman Upgrades will grant a +1% for each upgrade till 200% of elemental power. The Talisman Upgrade will affect the wearing level. - from +0 to +39 the wearing level will be 30. The items that you will use for the talisman upgrades will be always the same from +0 to 200. The upgrade will ask for: Yangs 10 Awakening Prism The Talisman can be upgraded ONLY in the 8th floor of the Tower. The upgrade can fail BUT will be like a Magic Stone and so if it fails will not decrease the upgrade level. The addable bonuses As I said before you'll be able to add bonuses to your talismans, the items to do this are the following: in order: Magic Reinforce Item Magic Blessing Stone Magic Enchant Item You can obtain those items with the following method: Events Gaya Shop Crafting All the bonus you can add to your talisman: Interruption of the sword defense: (max 5%) Interruption of the two hand sword defense: (max 5%) Interruption of the dagger defense: (max 5%) Interruption of the arrow defense: (max 5%) Interruption of the fan defense: (max 5%) Interruption of the bell defense: (max 5%) Halfhumans resistence(max 10%) Strong agains halfhumans: (max 5%) Defense: (max 5%) Stun possibility: (max 8%) Strong against Nature Strong against Metins Strong against Bosses Fire resistence Wind resistence Ice resistence Eearth resistence Dark Resistence Antasya2 Team
  6. Skill Upgrade We thought to a new method for the skill upgrading from M1 to G1 and from G1 to P M1 to G1 : Antasya Splinter G1 to P : Antasya Stone As you can probably understand, the Antasya Splinter will be used by all the characters (body,black magic,healing etc...) to upgrade the skill from M1 to G1. The Antasya Stone is like the usual Soul Stone, will upgrade your skill from G1 to P. The Exorcism Scroll doesn't exist anymore, have been deleted, the Concentrated Reading will be inside the NPC and will increase the % of succes of the reading for both the Splinter and the Stone. The Antasya Splinter will have 10 minute cooldown succeding or failing; every time you read a Splinter you will pay 100.000 yang. The Antasya Stone will have 10 minute cooldown succeding or failing; every time you read a Stone you will pay 1.000.000 yang. NB: The Karma you will lose from the reading of the Antasya Stone will be like this: Es: 10000 Positive Karma , reading 1 stone with succes -5000 Negative Karma = Result in 5000 Positive Karma. Es: -10000 Negative Karma, reading 1 stone with succes +5000 Positive Karma = Result in -5000 Negative Karma. Depending on the type of Karma your trying to grow. Thoughts behind this decision: in any server where the skills are increased with books, a market imbalance is created linked to the races but even more to the skills. Obviously it is not entirely wrong because the utility of Aura of Sword compared to Feather Walk is anything but equal but we say that it is not even fair that certain classes have to pay exorbitant amounts for the usefulness of their main skill. In this way, no one will leave the Antasya Splinter to the ground because they will be useful in every case for every pg and every doctrine. It will create a trade of a single item but with a balanced price, all automatically managed by players who will not have any kind of motivation to overestimate the Antasya Splinter.
  7. Buffi System What is the Buffi System? The Buffi System is a seal that will permit you to call a Portable Shaman, in few worlds. You will find it as a Chest (that can be trade, sell and everything) Inside the Buffer Chest you will find the Buffer Seal that will be binded to the character, so you will not be able to trade, put in the storage and sell. The Buffer Seal will have differents expirations time, 7 , 14 e 30 days. The 7 days one can be obtained in game, the others will be just inside the Shop. Before you say "Pay To Win" i will explain you how to obtain the 7 days seal: from level 30 you will get a new quest: "Your faithful ally", the mission will be repeatable 1 time every 14 days. The quest tasks: Kill 20 Metin of the Valley Kill 10 Bestial Captain Collect 50.000.000 Yang Posses 20 Zander As I said the quest will be repeatable every 14 days, so every month you will have 14 days of Buffer. The Buffi System will be like this, and the skill will have a defined order: Blessing - Lv.30 Critical - Lv.50 Reflect - Lv.70 NB: You will be the only one who can see your buffer. Skill Upgrade To increase the skill of your Buffer you will need the special item caleld Diary, they will have 3 grades: Grade 1 Diary : Increase the Buffers Skills from 1 to M1 Grade 2 Diary : Increase the Buffers Skills from M1 to G1 Grade 3 Diary : Increase the Buffers Skills from G1 to P The skill won't be like the ones of the characters, they will be a little bit different: 1 to M1: 10 points (es. from 4 to 5, one Grade 1 Diary) - 1 minute cooldown M1 tio G1: 10 points - (es. from M7 to M8, 1 Grade 2 Diary) - 3 minute cooldown G1 to P: 10 Points - (es. from G10 to P, 1 Grade 3 Diary) - 5 minute cooldown Those items can be acquired in differents methods like: Grade 1 Diary : Fishing, Drop in Sawyer Seabed Grade 2 Diary : Mining, Drop in Sawyer Seabed Grade 3 Diary : Drop in Sawyer Seabed The cooldown can be reset with theDiary Reset Scroll NB: The Buffer Skills will be ALWAYS saved even if the Seal Expires. NB2: The Buffer Skills will have lower % compared to the Shaman Class
  8. Karma System Will exist 2 types of karma, as always : Positive e Negative You can gain Karma (both types) in those 4 manners: Killing Bosses Killing Monsters Killing Metins Zen Beans There won't be any other method to gain karma. You will not lose items if you have Negative Karma. Now let's make a little distinction Positive Karma will be gained by doing those things. Negative Karma, on the other hand, will need an item that you can buy from the General Store, the Fruit of Discord. The Fruit of Discord must be actived to gain Negative Karma (like the Anti-Exp rings). Now let's analyze in detail: Positive Karma : there will be 6 grades of Positive Karma, in ascending order Friendly +10.000 a +39.999 Good +40.000 a +79.999 Noble +80.000 a +119.999 Chivalric +120.000 a +199.999 Paladin +200.000 a +399.999 Legend +400.000 a +1.000.000 Positive Karma will grant you: +Drop Rate. As I have mentioned before, the 4 ways to gain Positive Karma will be: Killing Bosses : +100 Killing Monsters : +0.2 Killing Metins : +50 Zen Beans: +6000 The Zen Bean will be obtained exclusively from the daily missions. Negative Karma : there will be 6 grades of Negative Karma, in descending order: Aggressive -10.000 a -39.999 Fraudulent -40.000 a -79.999 Malicious -80.000 a -119.999 Cruel -120.000 a -199.999 Joker -200.000 a -399.999 Antihero -400.000 a -1.000.000 The Negative Karma will gran you: +Drop Yang. As I have mentioned before, the 4 ways to gain Negative Karma will be: Killing Bosses : -100 Killing Monsters: -0.2 Killing Metins : -50 Lucy Ring : -6000 The Lucy Ring will be obtained exclusively from the daily missions. Usefull Items for the Kar: Sage King's Symbol: Positive Karma Points x2. Sage King's Glove: Negative Karma Points x2. Fugitive's Cape: When worn, hides your Karma grade. Those items can be obtained by fishing.
  9. Official Discord Channel: [Hidden Content] Official Telegram Channel (IT): [Hidden Content] Alchemy This time we will talk about the much hated Alchemy. We have revised completly the system and we have adapted it to our needs. The Alchemy will start at lv.75 with the quest "Start the Alchemy" that you can find among the Alchemist's options. When you wil lopen the quest you'll have a brief introduction of your character and alchemy, followed by a list: Diamond Ruby Jade Sapphire Garnet Onyx You will have to choose 1 type of alchemy to grow with! (personalizing your character) When you will have choose you can't change it in a short time but you should wait months(we haven't decided yet how many). The choose that you will make will be really important because you'll be able to drop just that type of alchemy stones! For example the Diamond Alchemy, who will choose this one will drop only Diamond Shard and all the other Shards (ruby,jade,onyx,garnet,sapphire) can be obtained in those methods: Trading Second PG with different Alchemy Waiting the time for changing the Alchemy The alchemy will be really strong and really difficult to make BUT LESS stressfull. The Alchemy Shards can be obtained just from the LV.75+ Bosses and you will need a lot to generate a Rough Crystal. When you will get your Rough Crystal you'll be able to upgrade it as a normal item from the Alchemist, the upgrade can fail but the upgrade level will not decrease. Items usefull for the upgrade of the Alchemy Crystals: Green Dragon Been Blue Dragon Been Pink Dragon Bean Cor Cohelo (Matt -> Clear) Cor Dihamas (Clear -> Flawless) Cor Hugh (Flawless -> Brilliant) Cor Antasya (Brilliant -> Excellent) Alchemy Bonuses: Diamond: INT- Res Piercing Hit Ruby: STR- Res Critical Hit Jade: HP Absorbed - Res ABI Damage Sapphire: DEX- AVG Damage Garnet: HP - Res AVG Damage Onyx: VIT- ABI Damage The insertion and the removal of the Alchemy Crystal won't have any repercurssions, the Crystals will have INFINITY duration, the removal will be 100% safe.
  10. We will work on it for sure! But for now we prefere to work on the setup of a Perfect Gameplay without any type of issues at the start! We don't have a date yet, but you can follow the project for more informations! We have a Discord Channel: [Hidden Content]
  11. BIOLOGIST QUEST All the Biologist Quest have been changed for 2 reasons: - All the maps are differents - The Items name have been adapted to the new monsters The Biologist will be the same, just that at every mission ended you will be placed in front of a choice of different bonuses that will characterize your PG permanently and irreversibly. All this to create some type of difference between all the. The Biologist Quest will start at lv.30 and will end at lv.100 (in the 1st chapter) The list with all the Biologist Quest: Level 30: The search for Orc Tooth (x5) - 0h Level 40: The search for Tribe Books (x10) - 0h Level 50: The search for Acolyte's Keepsake (x10) - 0h Level 60: The search for Spider Eyes (x20) - 1h Level 70: The search for Heisenberg Tree Branch (x20) - 2h Level 80: The search for Notes of the Leaders (x30) - 4h Level 90: The search for Dark Material (x20) e Earth Material (x20) - 12h Level 100: The search for Vegetable Resin (x50) - 20h Don't be afraid if will be a cooldown time starting from the mission lv.60 will be possible to cancel completly the time thanks to the "Researcher's Elixir". NBs: - The Researcher's Elixir will be dropped in the "Sawyer Seabed" (spoiler allert) - It won't be necessary to have the mission active to drop the items - The items WON'T BE dropped from every level but just since -15 to a +15 level depending the mob's levels - You will not have to drop the stones after delivering all the items - The Biologist Zone in each Empire will be better near the Center of the MAP 1 and you will have Baek-Go near the Biologist All the rewards for each mission (you will have to choose one or more bonuses): Level 30: - Movement Speed - Defense Level 40: - Attack Speed - Chance of double Yang drop Level 50: - Defense - Attack Value Level 60: - HP - Poison Resistance Level 70: - AVG Resistance - AVG Level 80: - Strong against Monster - Strong against Metin Level 90: - War Resistance - Sura Resistance - Ninja Resistance - Shamano Resistance Level 100: - Strong against Half Humans - Res vs PG Personalizing your Character and making choices is an important aspect in a static game as Metin2, all the bonus are really good so it will differentiate the character for sure!
  12. Mounts As I had already anticipated the mounts will be fundamental in Antasya2, they will be practically the animals that you will have to grow and evolve. There will be 2 types of mounts, the Special ones and the Power Mounts, the first will be very rare and droppable only in certain events (they will always have a time) the second ones will be more common and will accompany you throughout your adventure in Antasya2 as the horse. What is the system of Power Mounts? The mounts that can be upgraded are mounts with 3 growth stages: Young, Wild and Valiant. The power mounts will always be dropped at the 1st stage: Young. The peculiarity of these mounts will be the bonuses they offer, as the bonuses evolve they will increase. The upgradable mounts will be the following: - Moa: + Attack Value , + Movement Speed - Dragor: + Possibility to Drop Item , + Movement Speed - Infernal Boar: + Strong against Monsters, + Possibility of EXP Bonus - Green Tiger: + Possibility to Drop Yang, + HP - Infernal Lion: + Resistance against Monsters, + HP - Joe Carrol: + Strong against Monsters, + Critical Hits How to upgrade the mounts Each upgrade will have requirements. Young Mount -> Wild Mount - Being Level 35 - Owning the Middle Horse Lv.11 You will have to go and talk to the Stable Boy who in addition to the aforementioned requirements will also ask you for a Scroll of Evolution. If you meet all the requirements you will receive your Wild Mount. Wild Mount -> Brave Mount - Being Level 50 - Possess the Military Horse Lv.21 You will have to go and talk to the Stable Boy who in addition to the aforementioned requirements will also ask you for a Scroll of Mutation. If you meet all the requirements you will receive your Valiant Mount. Duration of the mounts The mounts will have a different maximum duration for each mount evolution: - Young Mount: 3 days - Wild Mount: 7 days - Valiant Mount: 15 days The Power Mounts have a standard 3-day life (Young Mount) that can be increased in several ways: - Increasing level (young, wild, valiant) the mount will receive 1 day bonus. - The Horse Riding Certificates will allow you to maximize the mount time. Eg: if I have 1h remaining of a mount and use the Horse Riding Certificates, the mount will return to its maximum duration (ex. if wild 7 days) - The Powersnacks will donate a random period of the following: 3, 5 and 7 days, can be used up to 2 times on the same mount. All items useful to the mounts system will be available in the "Cemetery Endsville".
  13. THE HORSE At the first Log-In you will receive the Medium Horse, lv. 11 Besides the Medium Horse there will be the Expert Horse and the Baleful Horse. Every time you will upgrade your horse, you will need the lower one. Expert Horse: It can be made at Lv.50 and you will have to deliver a Equine Symbol every hour to the Horse Manager. The delivery is 100% and can’t fail. Time can’t be diminished in any way. Baleful Horse: It can be made from Lv.75 You can receive it after doing 9 Missions, one more difficult than the other. The missions will be unlockable thanks to the Horse Misfortune Manual item. The missions will be the following: 1st Mission - "Sneak into the Lair!" 2nd Mission - "Become a Guardian of the Galaxy" 3rd Mission - "Greenhouse Effect" 4th Mission - "Lost 4 8 15 16 23 42" 5th Mission - "Let the demon be with you ..." 6th Mission - "... and may your Spirit master it!" 7th Mission - "Ride as hard as you can!" 8th Mission - "Defeat the Joe Carroll cult!" 9th Mission - "Become the Dark Knight of Antasya2" The Missions from 1 to 8 will be single missions, which will allow you to pass to the next level and increase your horse, by +1 per mission; instead the Mission n ° 9, the one for the level 30 of the Horse, will not be single but there will be a total of 4 tasks, they will be unlocked one after another and only at the completion of all the tasks will give you the Baleful Horse! Every mission will have a cooldown time, the horse will be something final and not everyone can have it. So we decided that every mission will be unlockable every 48 Hours starting from the completion of the mission. If you fail the mission you will still have to wait the 48 Hours. It will be impossible to evade the waiting time. The Baleful Horse will not be fundamental in the Game but will be the Final Horse, which will bring you some advantages. Advantages bonus: - HP, Strong against Metin, Strong against Bosses and Strong against Characters. N.B. Bonuses are valid only above the horse and are added to the mounts bonuses.
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